Thursday, February 22, 2001

20 Ways To Enjoy Your Children

1.  Laugh with them, often.
2.  Don't wish your day away.
3.  Don't wish they were older/younger.
4.  Tell them you love them all the time.  Show them even more.
5.  Listen to them; really listen to them.
6.  Look them in the eye when they talk to you.
7.  Don't compare them to other children.
8.  Love them where they are at.
9.  Give them lots of hugs and kisses.
10.  Don't be their best friend, be their parent.
11.  Stick to your rules, be consistent.
12.  Show them love by your careful discipline.
13.  Speak kind words, don't yell.
14.  Read to them/let them read to you.
15.  Smile at them.
16.  Pray for them specifically, daily!
17.  Play with them.
18.  Don't give them everything they want.
19.  Sit together in church as a family.
20.  Worship and serve together.

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