Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Has It Been Awhile Since You Had Your Fuel Checked?


Your computer has been infected by those pesky viruses

ALERT - - - > Patience = “Fuel Getting Low”

Your daughter wakes up with hives all over her face from an allergic reaction to sun block

ALERT - - - > Patience = “Must Fill Up Soon”

You go to take your nice, clean, fresh clothing out of the laundry only to find this:

SIDE NOTE (Cleaning): One of the many uses for baby wipes - wiping off pen from inside your dryer

ALERT - - - > Patience = “Blinking Red Light”

You manage to gather yourself together after cleaning up that horrific mess only to hear that dreadful whine – followed by the look of terror in your toddler’s eyes and the rumbling in their tummy.

You quickly sweep them up and make a mad dash for the bathroom only to miss right before the bowl.

ALERT - - - > Patience = “EMPTY”

What to do when your patience "fuel level" is running low? STOP and PRAY!

Psalm 63:1 "O God, thou art my God; EARLY WILL I SEEK THEE


  1. LOL! Tracy, this brought back some great memories. All I can tell you is.....this too shall pass. All too soon they'll be grown-up and gone. You'll treasure these days.

  2. oh man!!!! What a day! At least you remembered your camera to document all the aweful parts of it!

  3. Oh my goodness! What a day!

  4. Hey Traci does baby wipes work for pen that has been left in the dryer over a month now? I didn't know how to clean it so its been in there forever?!

  5. Hi Ashley.... it didn't take the stain away- just removed the "wet ink" enough to use again. It cleaned it up a lot though- I think once the stain is set it is hard to remove. I would google how to remove set in ink stains in dryer for further info.

    Thanks for following my blog. Please tell your friends :-)


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