Friday, June 26, 2009

Take the I LUV U Challenge!

Here is a fun little game to play with your kids.

To play along, start immediately.

Say Guess what - (child says what) then say I LOVE YOU to your child(ren) often with a big smile.

Note their responses, body language, etc on a piece of paper.

Do this throughout the morning/afternoon.

Record the age of your child and their responses to you below in the comment section.

Here's what I found after playing this simple game:

Daughter Riley - Age 2 1/2


I love you too

Big Smile

Came over and gave me a big hug

No response

Stop mommy - with a shy look but still smiling

You are my BEST FRIEND!

I have a surprise for you.

Son Carson - age 5 months




Kiss on mommy's cheek


  1. What a cute idea! I have journals i keep for the kids and i randomly write things they do in it, so this is a perfect idea for that :) Thanks Traci!

  2. I just posted a link to this on my blog :) Thanks for the cool challenge!


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