Sunday, July 19, 2009

Meet Wyatt

Blogging has allowed me to meet a very special person; her name is Danielle. While being pregnant with her 3rd child, (Wyatt) she found out he had Thanatophoric dysplasia; a lethal form of dwarfism. He was given a 30% chance of making it to term, and she and her husband were told he would die within the first 24 hours of birth. His odds of survival were reduced every time they went in for another ultrasound. They unknowingly picked a very appropriate name for their son. They chose Wyatt because it meant "little warrior"...

Update from Danielle:

"Since writing this post, our sweet Wyatt has gone on to his eternal home in heaven. He made his way into the world on June 1, 2009 and graced us with his presence here for 2 minutes before leaving his earthly body. We are so proud of our little boy for fighting his way into this world! He weighed 4 pounds 0.6 ounces, and was 12.5 inches long. We miss him dearly, but rejoice in knowing he is in a better place."

Meet her son Wyatt: "Beautiful Moments" Post

God Must Have Been Sleeping post ~ testifying of how God carried them through their dark time.

A precious story about Wyatt's real due date

Why am I posting this information about my new friend Danielle that you don't even know? Because I feel her heartache and ask you to pray for Danielle and her husband Joseph often! Pray that God gives them His perfect strength!

Thank you!


  1. What an amazing story! Thanks for sharing Traci!


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