Monday, July 27, 2009

Snap Shots From Our Trip

Tim and I had a wonderful time away together this past weekend. Friday night we stayed in Cleveland, Ohio. Tim price lined a nice room at the Double Tree.

Friday evening we walked down to the harbor. It was SUCH A beautiful evening; nice, crisp dry heat! The sun felt so wonderful! (something that has been very few and far between in Rochester,NY this Summer).

Friday night we had a nice dinner at the Longhorn Steakhouse.

Saturday we spent all day at one of our favorite places,

Here are some of the rides we rode on:


Consistently voted the "Best Steel Coaster in the World!

You climb the 310-foot-tall lift hill smoothly and quickly and dive towards the earth at an 80-degree angle at speeds of 93 mph!


The NEWEST of Cedar Point's roller coasters..... a wild ride filled with twists, turns, low-to-the-ground maneuvers, an amazing 95-degree first drop and an exhilarating launch through a 400-foot-long tunnel.


This is Cedar Point's only stand-up roller coaster- it turns riders head over heels four times during it's two-and-a-half minute adventure.

At 145 feet tall, Mantis is one of the tallest coasters at Cedar Point and was the tallest and fastest stand-up coaster when it opened in 1996.



This one is the scariest for me! I don't even know how I get on this thing. It is so so so high! Imagine being on a elevator on the outside of a building and FREE FALLING!

It is a 300-foot-tall, state-of-the-art adrenaline factory that features two towers which launch you up 240 feet and two towers which blast you down at speeds of up to 60 mph! Built in 1998, the $10 million Power Tower debuted as the tallest ride of its kind in the world.

But nothing could even come close to this:


This amazing speed machine is one of the tallest and fastest roller coasters on Earth. Climb aboard unique dragster-style trains and inch forward to the starting line. The engine revs. Your heart pumps. The tree lights count down to green and you're launched to speeds of 120 mph in less than 4 seconds.

The ride's just getting started as you climb 420 feet into the air, crest a massive hill and spiral 270 degrees as you speed towards the finish line.

I'm just glad it didn't do this when we were riding it

There is a sign while waiting in lining stating "this coaster occasionally does not clear the top of the hill!"

Even after the thrill of the DRAGSTER, I still hadn't faced my ultimate fear! What you may ask?


  1. Looks like you had an amazing time! Glad your home safely.

  2. I went here when i was a teenager with my family. But i dont remember half of those! I love roller coasters but the older i get, the more i horribly fear them! And those were some of the scariest ones ive ever seen! I cant believe your rode them!!

  3. i LOVE Cedar Point! I used to ride all of those roller coasters.... not sure how i would do these days though... :)

  4. Aunt Donna4:46 PM

    I can't believe you went on those coasters. I did the Superman and it did me in...and I love coasters. There is no way I could do any of them.


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