Monday, August 24, 2009

A Life-Giving Spring

I'm choosing to be a life-giving spring!

"Thankful people are refreshing, life-giving springs, while unthankful people pull others down with them into the stagnant pools of their selfish, demanding, miserable ways."
~ Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Continuing my COUNTDOWN of 1,000 Gifts with the Gratitude Community:

#22 ~ #49

For a Heavenly Father who bids me come ; come to His throne.
Not a hard, uninviting throne; but a big, soft, cushy one!

Our children laughing.

A Husband who loves to splash and play in the lake with his daughter.

Grass-stained shirts; because it meant watching my daughter
have fun whipping down her slippery slide, belly first.

The smell of my baby's warm breath as I nuzzle my nose against his cheek.

Fresh, brewing coffee; the 'Dunkin' kind.

Smooching babies' feet;
over and over.

A child's dancing eyes,
filled to the brim with innocent hopes and dreams.

Chopped wood, piled high against the house;
remembering the strong arms, and sweaty brow it took to prepare it.

Catching a glimpse of a tender moment between my son and his Grandpa.

Freshly cut grass and the lingering sound of lawn mowers
on a lazy, Saturday morning.

Seeing things 'anew' through our children's eyes...
being excited about the simple things;
airplanes flying overhead and baby birdies pecking at the ground.

Being able to appreciate the sound of silence,
now that I am a Mom.

A timely breeze on a thick,humid day.

The strong, dirty hands my husband brings home;
because it meant he worked hard to provide for our family.

Re-visiting special memories,
evoked by a familiar fragrance.

The simple joy of sharing a meal together
as a family around the dining room table.

Our family of 4, holding hands together
to pray at a restaurant;
and not being ashamed.

My little man falling asleep, sitting up.

Being able to get rid of clothes because they are 'too big'.

Morning sunlight streaming through window panes.

Breathing in the glorious smell of freshly washed clothes;
holding that warm towel against my cheek for some extra coziness.

A nice hot shower raining over my weary head;
looking up with eyes squinted shut,
letting the water wash the tiredness from my eyes.

A lavender sachet.

A song that, seemingly, is meant just for me
at just the right moment,
to lift my spirits.

Looking over old letters and cards;
remembering, pondering,
eyes welling up with thankful tears.

An infant with an ear infection;
not grateful for the sickness,
but the extra cuddle time rocking my little boy to sleep.

As I rock him, I see my reflection fade in his dark pupils,
as he loses the fight to keep them open,
his body becomes limp and heavy.
Ever so often I get another gift~
a little smile peaking up at me behind his suckling Nuk.

holy experience


  1. This was a really sweet posting :)

  2. I never thought of it that way, but you're right...being around a thankful person is refreshing!

  3. Your list is wonderful! Your gratitude is infectious and the pictures you created with your words are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
    Cory =)

  4. Oh Traci - what a wonderful list. I found myself smiling and then tearing up a bit. Our nest is empty these days and your sweet thankfulness took me back to those years when they were still home. Such precious moments.
    You have such a sweet spirit. I am so thankful these gratitude posts have brought you into my life.

  5. Your list caused quite a stir in my spirit. You have a very beautiful writing gift. I can see a book in your future!


  6. I love your list! I could see and feel so many of the things you described. May your week be peaceful and filled with smiles :))

  7. these all felt like a hug!
    what a fabulous perspective to share and believe in


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