Saturday, August 29, 2009

I Want to SHARE my FREE Blogging Tips/Tricks

Blogging Tips and Tricks I Always Wanted To Know About !

***Updated!!! Saturday, 1:40 PM***

Deborah Ann, from Heavenly Humor
wanted to know how to get a signature to
show up at the bottom of each post:

I made mine here: Live Signature

Once I got the Html code, I went into
Layout/Formatting/Pasted it in "Post Template".

But you can also go here: @ The Cutest Blog On The Block

1. Get those cool mini picture icons under your post! It grabs your readers attention, and allows them to click on a "similar post" that you have written in the past. ***Please note, this widget picks its own posts***

2. How to make that nifty slash through below? Reading this post with this feature, always "engages" me as a reader. It adds a bit of humor and fun!

"I woke up on the wrong RIGHT side of the bed today!"

In your posting, make sure you are in the "Edit Html" format. Then just put the "s" code before and after the word you want a strike through:

Click Here For a Tutorial

(Thanks Sandy!)

3. How to change the font on your blog:

Click Here For a Tutorial

(Thanks Cutest Blog On The Block!)

4. How to center your blog buttons in your sidebar:

Click Here For a Tutorial

(Thanks April Showers!)

5. If you missed out on one of my archive posts that showed you:

  • How To Get Cool Fonts (As Your Post Title, Sidebar Headers, Date)
  • How To Make A Button/Code Underneath
  • How to add a cool divider underneath
Click Here For a Tutorial

Let me know if any of these helped you out. If you are stuck, and need some help, just email me at curly2880(@)yahoo(.)com


  1. These are handy dandy tips! I love the LInk Within because I've posted so much that it's nice to have a look back at what I've written. I highly recommend that one! Have a Happy SITS Sharefest Day!

  2. I LOVE this!!! I am going to go do the link within right now! Dropping by from SITS and so glad I did! Have a great Saturday

  3. Oh, thanks Traci! I have so much more to learn on blogging. Maybe sometime you could share how your name shows up under your posts as a signature? That is soooo cool!

  4. Well now, aren't you just a big old sweetheart!



  5. This is wonderful, Traci!! Thank you so much! Happy blogging!


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