Saturday, September 26, 2009

How Easily I Forget- "Never Forget" Post Revisited

My precious little son, Carson James, has a double ear infection once again; the second time in less than two months. As I listened to the screaming coming from his room at 2:00 AM this morning, I cringed. "No Lord, I just want to sleep. Please help him just go back to sleep."

The crying did not silence, the screams of pain continued to echo out of his room.

Begrudgingly, I stumbled, half-out-of-it into his room, scooped him up, and plopped down into the glider. He cried, he screamed (which is totally not like this normally, jolly, smiley boy).

I gave him medicine, changed his diaper, gave him a little milk.... still nothing could sooth him. He just could not sit still; his little head kept banging into my chest, his head nuzzling me in pain.

After about 45 minutes of this, I had simply had enough. I longed for my bed... couldn't he just fall asleep?


I had forgotten... and for the next 10 minutes I held him tight; I kissed his forehead; I stopped wishing away this cuddle time;

I was just so thankful to have him.

I can deal with ear infections, I told the Lord; if it means having him here! He fell asleep.

Maybe God just had to remind me; to not forget what He had done in our precious son's life!


  1. oh what a beautiful story and a reminder to thank God in ALL times.....

    my bestest friend (the one who actually led me to Christ) had gotten the same diagnosis for her son.....and the same God who healed the blind man.....healed him the way He healed your little boy. We serve an amazing GOD!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Thank you so much for introducing yourself to me and visiting my blog. I'm always thrilled to meet another Sister in Christ!

    I look forward to knowing you better!


  3. By the way, I forgot to say .... bless your poor little one. Ear aches are so painful. God bless him.

  4. I love those reminders. God is amazing that way!

  5. I remember those years, those nights of rocking feverish babies, patting little pajama'd backs and wanting to cry for lack of sleep. When I found myself wishing those moments I away, I would pray... It always centered me, reminded me that these moments were fleeting. And they are...

  6. I too sometimes get frustrated in those "mom" moments, but then try to remember what a blessing my dear baby is.

  7. Such a wonderful post! Isn't it amazing how God works in our lives? Have a great Spirit Sunday!


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