Monday, September 21, 2009

There Will Be "Those" Days

Today I had one of "those" days... you know, when you just feel "blah"; nothing seems to go right;

toddler daughter doesn't nap,
= extremely cranky

8 month old son teething,
= extremely cranky

mom tired and frazzled, with the feeling that she just can't catch up,
= extremely cranky mom.

But there are ALWAYS things to thank God for;
so I will try to remember back over this past week:


#73. a day-trip on the boat with just my husband and me

#74. feeling the breeze, listening to the "quiet" together... enjoying one another's company

#75. Spending the day outside; enjoying the brisk, cool air; the beginnings of Fall

#76. Watching my daughter be the "mechanic" in the family

#77. Taking in this beautiful site of sibling love

#78. Full out belly laughs!

#79. Oh, but they don't last long...

#80. Watching my son's contagious smile

#81. Enjoying some frosting... even if it has to be lived vicariously through my daughter's taste buds... oh the joys of dieting!

#82. Tender hugs

See... I feel a lot better now.

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  1. Great blog! I too have a almost three and almost one...and I too had cranky day....and I too feel like I can't catch up...
    And I too am grateful for the small and joyful in the midst of crazy and cranky!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. These were great ! And the photo of you and your husband is precious

  3. Oh, Traci, I definitely had one of those days today! I could just go and eat a big cupcake like that too! Instead, I counted my blessings as you did, and tomorrow will be a new day full of grace!

  4. Aww, this is EXACTLY what I needed... along with a cup of coffee.. This morning started out rough.. I woke up to a sink full of dishes, a MOUNTAIN of unfolded laundry on the kitchen table, 3 school lunches that were still unmade, and the list goes on. I immediately got cranky thinking how behind I was and how it was gonna take me ALL day to catch up. So, your post was like a band-aid and now I feel all better and ready to take on the day!! Thanks for the encouragement, dear friend! Love ya!!

  5. Yes indeed. So much for which to be grateful!


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