Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Everyone needs a good hug.

A fresh boo boo on a soft-toddler-knee... eyes immediately leak, salty liquid dripping on upper lip; where's Mommy?

They embrace; it is all better, for that moment.

A "young-love" break-up that, you are confident, will be the end of you. Where is that best friend?

You embrace; it is all better, for that moment.

Sharing a mixture of joy and adrenaline, fighting back that pumpkin-size lump in your throat as you watch a new bride say "I do". {oh how I am a succor for weddings; they always make me cry like a baby tear up!}

You embrace that beautiful bride, blinded by her glow.
Your own heartache, is gone, for a moment.

A hug, a genuine hug; can pick up a downcast spirit, brush it off, and give new life and hope. That is why I have decided to end my posts with the corny phrase "Hugs".

I may have never met YOU face to face; but I would be the first to give you a big hug.

Each time I open my bible, I get a big hug from my Heavenly Father. I only wish to pass on that same warm embrace to you, my sister in Christ.



  1. I love all the pictures. The one of you and hubs is awesome. I sign things hugs too. Just so sweet.

  2. Sweet post! Love all the family pics!

  3. Hi Traci! So nice to meet you on MckMama's live chat! I love your blog! It rocks!! :)

  4. What a sweet post!

  5. Awww great post!

    I love hugs too...especially big bear hugs from the kiddos :)

  6. Hey, thanks for stopping by today!

    I love you photos!

  7. Thanks for the Hug this morning, my Friend!! Love ya! As a mommy, I've found one way to get all 4 kids to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep during the night ( 9 times out of 10) is to snuggle with each of them individually in their beds at bedtime. Ahhh.. the power of a HUG!!


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