Monday, November 16, 2009


The fact is,
I do not always feel thankful. It sometimes takes work, to look up to the heavenly instead of wallowing in the earthly. But, when I choose to look for things to thank my Father for, my heart is changed... from a drooping-downcast spirit
to a heart that overflows with pure and utter JOY

Psalm 43:5
Why art thou cast down, O my soul? and why art thou disquieted within me? hope in God: for I shall yet praise him, who is the health of my countenance, and my God.

My Countdown To 1,000 Gifts of Gratitude

:: popcorn date with sweet toddler girl
:: our feet dangle over couch, hands in bowl, hearts knit together
:: she puts her hand on my shoulder and tells me I'm the best
:: my cup overflows

:: a teething 10-month-old
:: stealing extra cuddle time
:: warm smooches
:: cheek to cheek, lingering long
:: special baby-breath smell
:: singing soft melodies
:: humming sweet words
:: his body growing limp in my arms
:: a crooked smile peaks from behind his binky
:: I contemplate staying right there, in that moment, forever

:: a confident husband
:: hanging proudly on his arm, at a work event
:: hearing from everyone what a wonderful, hard-working man he is
:: I smile, I agree, I am thankful
:: sitting close together, his strong arm around my shoulder
:: we read God's Word, we share, we sharpen one another, we cleave

:: we have an argument
:: hurtful words are lashed out
:: selfishness is winning and yielding its ugly head
:: we cool down
:: "I'm sorry" and "will you forgive me" are spoken with sincerity
:: hearts are mended, the balm of forgiveness is spread out

:: a good song, with lyrics that point my heart to Him
:: "Praise you, Jesus" rolls off my lips, Holy Spirit initiated
:: an encouraging phone call from an old friend
:: we chat about life and how good our God is
:: we cry
:: we share burdens
:: we live to be "real"
:: we breath a sigh of relief

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What will you choose to be thankful for, this moment?



  1. That is a great list.

  2. Hi Traci! I enjoy checking in on your blog. I needed this reminder today on a day that I am feeling tired and overhwhelmed.

  3. Angela6:53 PM

    I like that :)

  4. Beautiful list! Joy for sure!

  5. I don't always feel so joyful either, but the idea of making a list is a great one. Maybe I should do it....

  6. What a beautiful list and encouragment for the day ahead. Thank you for stopping by my blog. You have such a beautiful family.

  7. "your the best" that. Made me giggle. I love it when my four year old leans in to me and says "mom you are so beautiful" or "you are a great mom". Joy-overflows.

    Great list!

  8. What a beatiful list of things you are thankful for. I'm thankful to have read yours.

  9. What a great list. I love how you really saw the detailed blessings in every larger gift. Thanks for the encouragement to find joy when the world begs us to do otherwise!

  10. Excellent, excellent thought provoking post. I am glad that I found so many great writers and that I have joined in be grateful. I too know the feeling of trying to find the blessings... but then we just have to look down to what may be more common. God bless you for a beautiful blog.


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