Monday, November 2, 2009

Seeking Beauty All Around

Yesterday I was given a gift; a timeless opportunity to ride along with my husband, on the job.
I saw many of the farms he works with.
The people. The labor.

Over at Holy Experience, Ann is talking about capturing the beauty in life. If my camera lens could capture all of what I saw yesterday, I think it just might burst! Here are some of the glorious sites I was able to "bottle-up" for you:

91 :: the bending of some corn stalks;
92 :: the beautiful backdrop of a picture-perfect blue sky;

93 :: perfect rows, ready for harvesting;
94 :: a slight, cool breeze waving their friendly greetings.

95 :: spying on my husband, from a distance talking with a customer on that big tractor;
96 :: the twinkle in his eye, the gift of being a "kid" on the job!

97 :: learning a little bit about combines, and the power behind them;
98 :: a tangible moment of understanding, a glimpse, of your power.

99 :: some horses, enjoying the beauty of the day;

100 :: Towering power;
101 :: the smoke and the work-in progress;
102 :: a symbol of freedom flying high at the top;

103 :: a beautiful winding road;
104 :: remembering how most of the time, I do not see the end, but how you always take care of me, each step of the way!

105 :: Dirt. Yes dirt.
106 :: choosing to look back and look beyond the matted ground.
107 :: remember, the work that went into harvesting;

108 :: the beauty of some geese folk, congregating together in the cool of the bright blue stillness;
109 :: appreciating the quiet;
110 :: adoring the time spent with my husband, taking in such a glorious day!

111 :: a barbed wire fence intertwined with some jagged wood;
112 :: remember the crown upon your brow;
113 :: the splintered wood upon your back;
114 :: thanking you for the perfect sacrifice of your Son!

115 :: a beautiful trio at work;
116 :: yes, a beautiful trio at work in me: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

117 :: The perfect, God-ordained timing to capture the essence of team work;
118 :: being reminded of how I need to be ever seeking to assist the body of Christ;
119 :: How can I strengthen your body, Lord?

120:: And so, November brings the harvest.

Matthew 9:37

Then saith he unto his disciples,
The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are

Will YOU help the body of Christ today?

Will YOU work among the few, for His glory?

holy experience

Continuing to Count my blessings, today over at Ann's Blog.

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  1. Ohmigosh, Traci! You have outdone yourself, the pictures and writing are fabulishus!!!


  3. Awesome List! Beautiful pics! & I see we share several common threads... one of which is Interior Design. ;)

    Thanks for swingin by my place too!

    Sweet Blessings,
    Heather Twitchell

  4. Beautiful, both the pictures and the thoughts accompanying them!

  5. great list and great pictures! isn't it amazing how the gratitude list makes you much more aware of everything around you in everything you do and makes you thankful for each of those moments. In response to your comment on my blog - I would love to share my cheerleaders with you if you were a little closer!!! They line up everyday on the couch and watch me!

  6. Wow! Those are incredible pictures!!!!

  7. I love the pictures - Ann makes me jealous just seeing her farm pictures and now you too! Unfortunately, there are no farms around me.
    Great blessings from above! (And always great to see hubby on the job and the strength they possess that we don't always get to see!)


  8. WOW! Likewise, dear sister! Lovely to meet you . . . I will be back often! Love in Christ,

  9. I love your pics and your words of gratitude beside them! This community is reigniting my passionate love for God and His people. Thank you for leaving me a note of encouragement! And your design work is incredible!

  10. WOW Traci - those are AMAZING photos and what an awesome list!

    Wonderful to meet you!

    Blessings and grace,

  11. Traci,

    Thank you for visiting my blog...

    Great list..Thank you for sharing.


  12. Oh Traci! Simply stunning.

    I feel a quickening in my spirit, so desiring our farmers here to roll out into our unharvested fields.

    Such beauty in the harvest, isn't there?

    You've captured beautifully the array of His goodness in bringing in the crops.

    Thank you, sweet one.

  13. Absolutely beautiful... pictures and thoughts. What a great time to be on the job with your hubbie. :) Mine would be sitting in a chair with wheels and staring at three computer monitors! LOL

    Thanks for sharing the beauty...

  14. Loved all the beautiful pictures...we don't get a real "fall" here and it is great to see such beauty!

  15. Thank you for the warm welcome to the Gratitude Community. Yes, it is already changing me and it's only been a week.

    Your list is beautiful! #111-114 give me chillbumps. Thank you for sharing these.

    With gratitude,

  16. beautiful words and pictures...I enjoyed my visit here with you and will be back.

  17. Thanks for stopping by my blog!



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