Thursday, November 19, 2009

Week 1- Be Blessed Psalm 119 Challenge

Welcome to WEEK #1 of the Psalm 119 Challenge. Read Here, to catch up.

My tip for this week is to cut and paste images into a word document.
Or feel free to draw your own.

Psalm 119: 1-8
(click image to make larger)

Read the 8 verses while looking at the images over and over. Pretty soon, just look at the images and not the words. You will be surprised how much you can remember! I think I might do a different page for the next 8 verses, once I have these down pat. Do you think this might work for you?

This was extremely helpful for me (since I am such a visual learner).

What about you? What insight can you share? What helps you memorize scripture?

Want to join the Be Blessed Community? Just comment below and I'll add you to this fun adventure of memorizing Psalm 119.

Here is the Be Blessed Button code for you to copy to your sidebar:

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WE Will NOT be meeting next week. Enjoy Thanksgiving with your family. We will pick up the following Thursday.

Link up with your post below. What have you learned? What has helped you the most? What was your greatest struggle? Please kindly include the code above so that others may join.

If Heather's little 4-year-old Emily can memorize scripture, surly we can! Let THIS inspire you! It's so so precious!.



  1. That's how I teach my kids scripture! Interestingly enough, it never occurred to me to do that for myself!

    Great idea Traci-

    Have a blessed day,

  2. I have plenty to talk about but haven't had the chance to post about it yet, but will work on getting it up and linking throughout the day :) I'm so excited about this!

  3. Hey Traci!

    That's a good idea. I like that.

    Thanks for this challange.

  4. I better get to it!! I decided I'm gonna learn it in Hebrew...I'll just look at it as part of my daily homework from class. I think it'll be easier for me, as each verse is in order of the alphabet. 1-8 is all the Aleph's :) This will definitely be a challenge!!! Love it!

  5. I'm very excited about this too! Don't have time this morning but will join in this afternoon =) Still a little confused about the link? Are we suppose to right a post about this in our blog and then link here? (Sorry, still new to the blogging world! lol) Thanks and God bless!!!

  6. I turn scripture into music. So much easier to memorize. I also put it up around the house.

  7. I have been trying to think up a good way to memorize scripture. I will try this one! Thank you for sharing!!!

  8. Traci, I love this idea! I've just written mine on index cards.

  9. I was busy Thurs. but have been reading Psalm 119! What helps me memorize verses is writing them out, singing them, or reciting them. :) I love the picture idea!

  10. We are moving house this week - so I will have to post on the next one. Been super busy. Thanks. :)

  11. I am soo excited about this challenge. I have wanted to memorize it, but never had the courage to try.:) Thanks soo much!!


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