Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2 0 1 0 . . . spells DESIRE

Repentance and Renewal: Looking to the New Year (even, name it?)
Ann asks over at (A Holy Experience)

holy experience

2010. Name it? Looking ahead. I ponder. . .


To desire HIS WILL, for my life, above my own:






best efforts,


If I could just see the big picture, to catch a glimpse through heaven's eye. . .

I would know.

:: that my way, is not the best

:: that sin, is only fun for a season, but leaves devastating heartache

:: that God wants, the very best for me!

:: that submitting to my Father, brings freedom, not bondage

:: that obedience, brings fruit

:: that there is VITALITY in abiding in the VINE

:: that HE is Sovereign

:: that I can come to HIM, and He will satisfy my thirsty, longing soul

So, yes. . . looking ahead to the new year, I DESIRE

To build my house upon THE ROCK... more

To get my priorities in order. . . more

To ABIDE in HIM. . . more

To use my daddy alarm. . . more

To sound more like gentle, and good... rather than the annoying drip... drop... more

To bask in the JOY of Contementment. . . more

To see the beauty around me . . . more

To enjoy sharing CHRIST. . . more

To trust HIM and memorize His WORD. . . more

To look in the mirror. . . more

To take my time with my children... more

To OBEY the first time. . . more

To REFLECT HIM. . .more

TO CONFESS sin quickly. . . more

To PRAY fervently. . . more

To LOVE with compassion and grace. . . more

To serve my family with a humble heart. . . more

To sacrifice more, in order to reach out. . . more

To pursue holiness. . . more

To choose gratitude. . . more

When the funds allow, to buy more HIGH HEELS , and make more cakes. . .and have a little fun. . . more!

What will the name of your new year be?



  1. I love it! Great name for the New Year!

    I pray for a year of many many blessings for you and your family!

    Thanks for stopping by...looking forward to reading some more from you!



  2. Traci ~

    What a great post! Thank you!


  3. That was awesome I think your name for 2010 is perfect.

  4. In a word...DILIGENCE!!

  5. Excellent post! I'm desiring more of God and less of me.

  6. I love your post. So inspiring! And I love your theme of DESIRE. What a wonderful way to orient your year.


  7. What a great post. How inspiring to use desire as your theme.


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