Monday, January 25, 2010

Coffee Drinkers Beware!

Okay, we are going to keep it real, ladies! 

Do you drink coffee?  Do you dream about it, look forward to it; is it your, he hum, drug of choice?  

Just a warning. . . 

Are you ready?

It's not what you may think. . . 

I know you are nervous. . . I can see it your eyes (okay, well I can imagine seeing it in your eyes)!

You may be thinking I'm going to tell you some horrible new revelation about coffee, that will force you to put down your   cup of love,    for good!

No, I'm not that cruel!

Then, what?

Have you ever spilled coffee on a table, towel, or some papers on your desk?  It leaves a horrible stain, but worse, that horrible smell!

Ladies, that is what our breath smells like!  Ahhhhhh.  So brush brush brush!  Eat those mints and pop that gum.  Your friends and family will thank you for it!

Some questions for you:

1) How do you beat coffee breath?

2) Have you noticed that people move back when you talk to them (that might be a clue)!  haha

3) What is your favorite coffee and how do you prepare it? 

If I was stranded on an island, and could only have one brand of coffee. . . it would be. . .  

Dunkin Donuts!

(No, I am not getting paid to talk about DD.  I just love it THAT much!)

I love french vanilla creamer

in my coffee!  I'm not picky either.  I will drink the powder or the liquid.  International Delight, or Coffee Mate.

But, I'm learning, to "deal" with half and half.  It's not SO bad.  But I do love my FV creamer!  I'm just trying to stay away from the sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Time to hear from YOU!  Also, if you haven't voted, see my right side bar and place your vote regarding my new blog look.  I'd love to know your opinion. 



  1. love the new look!!!

    and my heart stopped when i read the title - can't give up my java:)

    you're so funny.

    my new favorite creamer is the sweet italian cream - had it over christmas and can't get it in i have to settle for dreaming about it:)

  2. Yeah..I don't like the words "Beware" and "Coffee" in the same sentence! I have a plaque in my "coffee nook" that says, "Coffee isn't a drug, It's a vitamin."
    Even though I really enjoy my coffee, I've found that if I go a day without it, I'm okay.
    I brew my coffee at home and hardly ever buy it at a coffee shop. I don't like overly strong coffee.
    Coffee Mate Hazelnut creamer used to be my favorite but then they changed the formula. Now it's International Delight Hazelnut (and its a few cents cheaper). I try to watch my sugar intake on most of everything else I eat/drink, so I throw caution to the wind when it comes to my creamer (no fat free/low fat for me. LOL).
    If I were on a deserted island and could only have one brand of coffee, it would be Archer Farm's Fudge Brownie (Target brand).

  3. Girl, you had me scared that for a minute! I love your new look. It's beautiful. I was thinking about stopping by, but got side tracked—thanks for the nudge.

    Hey stop by my blog and read the interview on Valerie Elliot Shepard: Jim and Elisabeth Elliot's daughter. It's

    Thanks again.

  4. oh, be still my heart, you're talking about coffee...

    yes, bad breath indeed - my four year old calls it my yucky smell. I'm off to buy some mouth wash!

  5. Anonymous8:02 AM

    Okay, going to TRY and leave a comment AGAIN!!! Can't remember how you told me to do it, so just wingin' it here!!! : ) First, love the new look of your blog. Loved the old one's all good! About the coffee...I LOVE coffee, about any way you can make it: hot, iced, flavored, unflavored, espresso, etc....I don't drink it for the caffeine. When I first started Somersizing almost a year ago, I panicked when I read you can't have caffeine on this way of eating! All the decaf's I had tried to that date were horrible, and YES, I CAN tell the difference!!! : ) After trying MANY brands of decaf coffees....Duncan Donuts included, I found Seattle's Best decaf. OH MY STARS, IT IS AWESOMELY DELICIALECTABLE!!!!!! You can't tell it's decaf AT ALL!!!! I drink it with a little bit of straight heavy cream, (legal on the Somersize plan!) and it's SOOO GOOD!!!!! I used to use all the flavored creamers and loved them, but the sugar....BOO HISSSS!!!! So, had to give those up to. Now, whenever I want a flavor, I just sprinkle some cinnamon in the coffee grounds before I brew!!! DELISH!!! Sometimes I make iced coffee with heavy cream and a couple of packets of Nu Stevia. Again, fabamundo!!! : ) So, I encourage any of you out there to try Seattle's Best coffee....decaf, or regular. It's in a red bag in the coffee section...hopefully at a store near you!!! Enjoy!!!! Love you, Traci!!!! Aunt Maria

  6. Oh my goodness! You sure did scare me. I was about to feel guilty for grabbing my travel mug to finish my coffee for the day. Yes, I'm pregnant and I'm drinking coffee, not a ton, but a cup or two a day. It was hard to cut back, but I did it.

    Mike and I have been talking about the breath thing. We were wondering if we scaring away the "close talkers." lol. We are probably the worst offenders. We like our coffee easy--we make 8 O'clock coffee at home in the morning and we don't "defile" it with other substances. ;) Yup, nothing easier than pouring a cup and leaving the house. No need to add anything when you like coffee just plain. Of course, I do enjoy a good Leaf and Bean or Starbucks latte.

    And another side note, when we saw you at the Bean the other night, I hadn't really had any espresso late like that in so long. I couldn't sleep all night and I'm afraid it kept the baby up too. I felt like a terrible mommy. I sure learned my lesson. =/

  7. LOL! I looove me some coffee with HAZELNUT creamer! :) mmmmm....

  8. Oh man!!! I'd sooo love to check out DD coffee! I had to abruptly give up coffee due to stomach ulcers...oh, how I miss it.

  9. Your post had me scared. I love my DD coffee. I just bought some of that creamer today too. YUM. Love the new look.

  10. I LOVE my coffee!!! I only drink it in the morning, but I have 2 big cups light with sugar. YUM!!!

  11. I love the new blog look! It is elegant and pretty!
    I am not an addict coffee drinker. I have a Keurig coffee maker and I will have usually one cup of coffee a day. I usually buy Green Mountain or Newman's Own. Before I had the one cup coffee maker and I used a pot, I bought Dunkin Doughnuts coffee beans and ground them myself.
    Since I just have my one cup in the morning, usually my teeth are brushed before I leave the house. So, i don't think I have a problem with coffee breath (at least I hope I don't!) :) I drink my coffee black so I don't have to worry about cream and sugar.

  12. You made my heart stop. That was not fun. ;)

    I love french vanilla creamer too. I can't cut it out, so I'm going for fat free and just using less.

    My husband has never complained of my coffee breath, but that doesn't mean I don't have it. LOL

    My favorite coffee is Seattle's Best.

  13. Coffee...YES! Flavored Creamer...YES!

  14. I practically have a new creamer every week. Variety is the spice of life!

    My fave coffee: Harry and David Moose munch decaf (I don't do caffeine... I know. I know)

    love my morning cup!


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