Saturday, January 30, 2010

Riley Gets Her Hair Cut!

Riley is our oldest daughter. She is 3 1/2. Is there a written rule of when you are suppose to cut your child's hair? I'm pretty sure I didn't see that in the manual!

When her hair is wet, it reaches her tailbone. It was getting pretty hard to manage, so we decided to go for it, and get it cut (against her Auntie and Grammie's insistent pleas of NO, DON'T YOU EVER CUT HER HAIR!

Well, I'm sorry loved ones.  I had to do it.  It was time.

We had been prepping Riley for awhile.  You never know how a toddler will be, day to day.  If you have raised a toddler, or are in the process, you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.

I made the appointment at our local Supercuts.  I told Riley she could sit up high in a very special princess chair.  Today, she decided that she was Snow White.  Snow White was oh so very brave!  What a trooper!

Although, she was a little apprehensive at first.  How much do you want cut off her hair, the nice lady asked.  Well, she is 3 1/2, so how about 3 1/2 inches?  Sounded about right.


 Brushing those gorgeous locks!

She thought it was pretty cool that she could watch in the mirror. 
Look of shock?  Hmmm, I don't know.
 She loved her animal cover-up!

SEE!  I told you it was SUPER LONG!


To get her to look down, they asked her to use her chin, to hold the comb!
It worked!



Look at those locks on the floor!  I already felt like a crazy Mommy, snapping all those pictures.  I thought I would really look out of my mind, if I asked for some of her hair!

BUT, I was so thrilled when I saw the hairdresser grab  
a curly piece of heaven
and tapeit to a certificate!  

Talk about, making my day!


I then took her to Tim Horton's to celebrate.  She, of course, picked the prettiest doughnut, for a pretty-princess-girl!  

Pink Sprinkles, or (Pink Sparkles), as she called them.

I EVEN splurged and got her chocolate milk!


Mommy got coffee.  Now, it's NO Dunkin Doughnuts. . . 

but I AM partial to the name :-)

What a special Mommy-Daughter Date!  
She was thrilled! 
And so was I!




  1. My precious niece is always gorgeous and this was a very special time so I am glad you captured the moment on film!! Love it!

  2. Oh my Traci!!! I had a small heart attack when I read the title to this post, as I'm sure you knew! =) The stylist did a GREAT job though!! It just looks like a healthy trim that really emphasizes her curls. And hello with her looking so grown-up! Beautiful!

  3. Aaw your daughter is adorable!

    What a fun date and great bonding time between mommy and daughter :D

  4. I love it!!! I'm a little envious, though. With two boys, haircuts are an every 8 week event in our house (w/ me trimming ears in the middle). I love that you made it a special date. What a great memory!

  5. What a great memory. Just an idea, I have the curls from both of my girls first cuts framed with a ribbon around the hair holding it together. I love having this memory out to look at. You can see it on the top self here

    God Bless,
    Cha Cha

  6. That sounds like such a nice time for the two of you! :)

  7. Very cute. and I know what you mean about family members not wanting you to cut her hair! I had that too with my oldest. She will soon be 11 and I have 2 younger girls. So we've been through LOTS of hair cuts now and the family is used to me cutting their hair! Sorry, but I'm the one who has to deal w/ it so....!!
    Looks good on her:)

  8. That is so sweet that you had a mommy and daughter date. My cousin didn't have her hair cut for the longest time and hers was probably as long as your little girl's. :)
    She has beautiful hair, by the way! I wish my hair looked like that. :)

  9. She is such a cutie. Love her long locks:)

    That donut almost made me want to cry. Doing a low carb thing right now and donuts are one of my loves!!

  10. So cute! I was the crazy mom taking pictures and collecting hair with Ansley and Eli's first haircuts... and second haircuts... and third... and.... You get the idea! I can't seem to let the hair dressers just sweep away those precious locks of my kids hair.

    Thanks for sharing such a sweet memory with us!

  11. riley is so beautiful!! i think our daughters would get along famously, especially sitting and eating a pink sparkle doughnut:) (lyla calls sprinkles, sparkles too:).)

  12. Her hair is adorable and any day at the salon is a good day and followed by donuts...even better. Cute haircut.

  13. The pic of her looking up with the pink sparkles- she looks like your hubs there! :) That was cool how they did the certificate!

  14. So pretty!

    My boys were born with TONS of hair! By the time they were a month (yes ONE month) they needed haircuts! We could put their hair in a ponytail, and I was so sick of strangers saying, "Oh! SHE is gorgeous!" Ummm...didn't you notice he is wearing all blue?!

    Riley's hair is beautiful!


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