Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Tribute To Military Wives

I often ponder the strength it must take a woman to hold down her own fort, when her precious hubby is fighting his battles afar.

What does her own trench look like?  The one that is overlooked and under appreciated.  

Dear Military Wife,

You are often on my mind.  When my husband works late, and I complain to myself... I think of you, dear one.  Day after day, you take care of your home.  You do the expected things; laundry, dishes, making meals, and taking care of the kids.  You also go above and beyond and fill your own gas, fix home repairs, take out the trash, and mow your lawn.  

You lie awake many nights, in the dark and still, and wonder if he is okay.  You long for him to be next to you.  You miss holding him close.  

Maybe you remember the times you'd take him for granted.  A silent plea is made in your heart, Lord, oh Lord, to have him back at home.  I will promise to never take him for granted again.  

You cry many tears.  Often there must be uncontrollable sobbing.  Lord, I just can't do this anymore!  I'm just so lonely. 

God hears your cry, dear woman.  Let Him hold you close while your spouse is gone.  Let Him calm your fears, wipe your tears, and carry you when your strength isn't near.  
As America's Independence Day approaches, and we remember the heros who put themselves in harms way, day after day, we salute them.  

But, dear Wife, I would like to salute you now.  

You are my ultimate hero