Friday, July 30, 2010

Check Out My NEW E-Book: 20 Ways To Grow Your Blog And Make Extra Cash

In my simple, yet practical E-Book, I will share my tips for how to grow your blog, and eventually make some extra cash for your family.  Are you a stay at home mom, who is looking to supplement your husband's income? 

Find out how I made over $500.00 in just 6 months of advertising!

Please consider investing only $5.00 in my E-Book.  In my E-Book, you will find:

Practical Ways To Grow Your Blog:

Have Patience As You Grow
Create A Following
Invest In Your Readership
Track Your Stats & Traffic
Know Your Audience
Keep Your Posts Short & To The Point
Make The Most Of Your Strengths
Keep Your Blog Clean & Inviting
Invitation To Subscribe
Make A Friendly Exchange

-Practical Ways To Make Money On Your Blog:

Contact Business Owners For Giveaways
Surfing For Sponsors
A Sample Letter To Possible Sponsors
Make Your Starting Price LOW
Invest In Your Sponsors
Good Communication Is KEY
Establish A Portfolio
Make Wise Connections
Increase Your Price As Your Traffic Increases
Don’t Forget To Stay Organized

I'd love to hear how it helps you out.

Make sure you leave me your email address upon purchase.  I will get your very own copy right to you!

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  1. This is great Traci :D I hope you get a great response to your e-book and I'll get a copy as soon as I can as well.

  2. I tried to order but... if it's an e-book, why am I charged shipping? maybe I did something wrong during the checkout process??

  3. Hi Traci... can't wait to get home and order your book. At my parents and don't have my pay pal info....

  4. Traci, this is awesome! Great idea and congrats on your book!

  5. YEA, I just ordered the book and can't wait. :o)


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