Saturday, August 28, 2010

My First 5K

Preparation is key.  With anything in life.  I was not prepared for the hills.  Or the heat.  But it was still so much fun and I can't wait to run in my next one.  I ran the whole thing (except for the massive hill up the reservoir) UGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!

Here's some pictures:
I finished with a humble time of 41:04.  But I'm still alive!


  1. Hooray - you did it! Congrats - Doesn't that feel good?

    Way to go!

  2. I second that HOORAAAY!!! Perseverance, girl! I would love to be able to run like that!

    Watching my children run outside always makes me feel free! I love watching them.

    I know one young lady who will be sleeping really good tonight!


  3. Humble time?! It's easily 4 days less than mike would have been.

  4. GO YOU! I am impressed! =) I just found your sweet comment on my blog and had to come comment... a 5k is on my want-to list.

  5. Great job Traci!
    Congratulations- I bet it feels great.

  6. YOU GO GIRL!!! What an awesome accomplishment.... WOO HOO!!!

  7. Well done! Congratulations....

  8. You are amazing! I would never even attempt it! You go girl :)

  9. Way to go, Traci!
    I am very proud of your accomplishments!

  10. You go girl! I'm afraid I would have beat your record time and it would not have been quicker, I am talking about! Have a great Sunday.

  11. Congratulations! That is quite an accomplishment.

  12. Great job Traci! Good for you!

  13. WOO WOO!!! Way to go, Trac!!
    So amazing you must feel! Love that you did this for yourself and for a cause! BIG high five!

  14. Booyah! :D You go girl!

    I just started running this summer and have done two 5Ks. Isn't it the most amazing feeling of empowerment and accomplishment?

  15. Congrats! The first one is the hardest, at least after that you kind of know what to expect.

  16. Great Job!!!!

    It is so exhilerating~ isn't it?!?!
    :) I'm so proud of you-

    Here is a link to my first 5K post...

    Way to go!!!!

  17. Congratulations! That is so awesome. What an amazing feeling that must be. My husband is a runner and he LOVE it so much!

    I sent you an email, please check it when you get a chance.


    Teresa <><

  18. I'm returning the compliment you made me by following your Blog.

    You are going so well with your running.


  19. Congratulations girl!!! I'm so proud of you.

  20. Oh girl.

    I am so proud of you. So, so proud.

    A half-marathon is in your near future. I'm serious.

    In January, I couldn't have run to my mailbox. But in May I ran a half-marathon, and I'm running another in September.

    If you want the training plan, let me know via email.

    You ROCK!

  21. Congrats!!!! I ran my very first
    5k in June with 2 of my good friends (10 weeks after #3 was born). Then last weekend Hubby & I did our first 10k! Its a great feeling, so you should be so proud of yourself!

  22. Congratulations!! What an awesome experience for you.

  23. Congratulations on your first 5K! That is quite an accomplishment!


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