Monday, October 18, 2010

Are You Called To Write?

"How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.” –Henry David Thoreau

Something to ponder.  Over and over.  I have been called to write, have you?  Are we living first, before we sit down to pen? Thoughts?

God needs to be real in my life before I can encourage and edify others effectively. 



  1. I've been contemplating it too quite a bit as God has been renewing my heart for Him and our family.

    Even when our desires and hearts change, our habits and actions always lag behind as we are trying to develop new ones that are in line with our hearts! I just praise God for His abundant grace and mercy!

  2. Traci,
    Thank you so much for this today! I loved it.

    be blessed today,

  3. So important!
    Live first, even if the blog seems to suffer for it, it doesn't. I think it's better to have three great posts then three hundred blah ones. This quote is exactly how I feel about things.

  4. I completely agree!!!! If we aren't living life...what do we have to write about? If we aren't studying and applying it to our can we really share it with others...this is something that I have been working hard at reminding myself lately. Putting down the computer and living life...then in the quiet of the night...reflecting on that experience...praying & studying...and then sharing it in words He helps me to form.

    Thank you for this post!!! I am going to share it on my blog's facebook page. :-)

  5. Great questions! I have found that unless God has put it on my heart to renew and inspire others, I have no desire to write. In other words, I must be full of Him in order for the words to spill out of me. :o) Happy Monday!
    Larri at Seams Inspired

  6. I've known since I was young that I am called to write. But what I'm realizing lately is that I haven't necessarily been called to blog.

    Since my brother died two years ago, God has made it very clear that I need to work on a manuscript about our sibling relationship, but I kept thinking that I'd build a blog following THEN I'd work on the manuscript.

    I've realized that the blogging has taken up precious time that I could have been writing what God is putting on my heart about my brother.

    I think many women are called have a blog ministry. But I'm not so sure I am one of those women, so I think I need to step back and really listen to what He is saying.

    I'll see you in four days girlie!

  7. this was a great post. :)
    i feel i have been called to write too. i have always been one to express myself through poetry and journals. i write my experiences and contemplate my imperfections.
    i have been blogging for 2 months now, but i have just recently started making my posts more random instead of a daily thing. i am learning that perhaps it's the quality & not the quantity :)

  8. I totally adore writing! I love that quote too, lovie!

    This is an area that I had let die in me for a very long time, and it has been resurrected through getting to know the Amy that God has created me to be. I had asked Him what things have you created me to draw life from? And, what things have you created me to do that can encourage, and bring life to others? His answer was so simple... He said, "Amy, what brings you joy? What activity do you do that makes you feel fully alive? Answer that question, and you will discover a whole new world of creativity and life to your heart as well as to others."

    God has invited us to co-create with Him. And that looks so different to everybody. Writing for me, I have discovered, is a life giving area for me. It IS a huge processing tool, and a way that I can express my heart, and bring hope to other's that I know are feeling alone and walking through similiar circumstances. I love to write. I love love love it!

  9. I have felt a need to pour out what is happening... even if it is only for the 1 other person that stumbles onto my blog. I don't think anyone even reads but it feels like there is a purpose. Does that even make sense? Thank you for the reminder to live before writing... Amy


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