Saturday, October 30, 2010

When Life Seems Hopeless... Featured Over @ InCourage!

I've been there. The place where deep loneliness hovers over like dark cloud. Its gut-wrenching punch knocks air out of me.  I fall, face in trembling hands... 

read the rest of the post over @ In(courage) today...



  1. Congrats Traci for posting at inCourage...fabulous post!

  2. That is a amazing a powerful post! Congrats in posting at InCourage :-)

  3. I'm heading over there now ...

  4. Like the others, I caught your post on (in)courage. I love the L.I.F.E example! What a wonderful way to remember to keep our eyes focused on the eternal rather than that nagging, in-your-face temporal. This has been on my radar a lot lately and you expressed the point so eloquently. Blessings!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing with us on (in)courage today, dear Traci!

  6. Hi. I found your blog through today's inCourage post. It was exactly what I needed to read. Thank you for sharing your heart. I look forward to reading more.

    <3 Nicole

  7. Traci,

    Congrats on guest posting on (In)Courage. Beyond that thank you for reminding me to focus on things of eternal value. Just this morning I was frustrated with many things while trying to get ready for church. I read your post and thought I must look upward. I must remember LIFE is to be lived....lived in Christ.

    Have a blessed day!


  8. INCOURAGE?!?!?! WOW!!!! That is wonderful!!! I read your post and it was beautiful. Loved the 'L.I.F.E' example -- I'm going to remember that one.


  9. What a great post! I really needed to read that today. Thank you!


    Teresa <><


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