Saturday, November 27, 2010

When I Don't Feel Enough

I get that urge.  The bellowing "need" to do more , feeling.  Clean more?  Create more?  Be more?  Be liked more? What am I craving?

Lord, when is enough ... enough?

You love me, Lord.  Completely. Just as I am.  No more.  You knit me in my mother's womb.  You dance over me with joy.  You rejoice when I rejoice.  You beam when I come into your presence, washed in your Son's precious blood... when I choose, to let you lead me.  You see me as beautifully bloomed.

Yet, I build bars around my heart; I naturally seek to protect what's hidden.  Nothing is hidden from You.

You want me to be raw, empty, broken before you.

Wonderful Savior, when will I learn?  You alone, are enough for this poor, wretched, needy girl; now a woman.  You are a living fountain!  You never run dry.  I run dry.


You held my hand as I use to prance in miles of wooded glory as a young girl.  As my worn, summer shoes sloshed around in creek beds, and crunched fallen leaves; you held my hand.

You smiled, as I built tree forts, skipped rocks, and jumped from shaky bridge beams.  

As I young child, I learned to enjoy the day.  No more.  

With grown up worries, and all that down troddens this life... do we make more burdens for ourselves than what is really meant to be?  

Do we build up boulders, high upon our weary shoulders, when the Lord just wants us to rest... in Him?

What burdens are you carrying today?  What unrealistic expectations are you holding yourself to?

Is the Lord tapping you on the shoulder, whispering in your ear, "Rest in Me, dear child.  Let Me, be enough"?



  1. Funny, I've been feeling like I allow my joy to be robbed all the time by circumstances, events, other people.

    Love the imagery of you as a child-- maybe i need to learn to be free and spontaneous like that through my kids, since I literally never had that?

    Love the pictures also~

  2. A beautiful post Traci!

  3. Beautiful and so very true.
    I need to come back and read this every now and then.


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