Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Will You Please Vote For My Outfit?

I put this outfit together on 
the Macy's website.
It's so much fun... 

please click here to 
vote for my outfit. 

Go make your own and
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I'll be sure to vote for your 
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The outfit with the

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

You Could Win A 12x12 Cafe Mount Print!

I have always loved words!  If I see a picture 
with a great saying on it. . . it captures my heart.

That is why I love  
Red Letter Words!

This is Dee:

Creator of Red Letter Words

Isn't she simply darling!

Red Letter Words, is Faith Inspired Art.  Dee believes, that words are so powerful and she is thrilled to be able to offer her favorite scriptures as artwork in your home!  Her family loves to travel so her travel prints represent their favorite cities and places. 

She will even make custom designs!  Do you have a favorite scripture, poem, travel destination or something that really speaks to your heart? Dee would LOVE to create something special for you! 

Check out some of her work:
She even has greeting cards! Way cool!

Some great ideas for 
displaying these works of art:

So time for the giveaway!
You can enter to win:

a 12x12 
cafe mount print 
(except custom)  
of your choice!
Here's how you can enter:

1.  Go visit Red Letter Words
and let me know your favorite piece artwork.
(and leave a comment below)

2.  At the bottom of her website
sign up for her updates, via email.
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3.  Follow her blog.
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This contest will end this Friday @ 9:30 pm.
A winner will be chosen using

Have fun!  I hope YOU win . . .



Monday, March 29, 2010

And The Winner IS......

The winner of the  
$40.00 Lisa Leonard 
jewelry gift certificate is...

Please contact me by email today:




Saturday, March 27, 2010

Don't Forget THIS In Your Child's Easter Basket


There may be chocolate bunnies,

Jelly beans,


Cadbury and Reeses' eggs 
(my all time favorites!) 

But don't forget to add 
some RESURRECTION to your
child's basket!

Luke 24:1-53
 6He is not here, but is risen: remember how he spake unto you when he was yet in Galilee,7Saying, The Son of man must be delivered into the hands of sinful men, and be crucified, and the third day rise again.
8And they remembered his words...

Here's how:

Grab a Ziploc Bag 
and put the following in it:

*adapted from here*

A 3 Inch Piece of String
(Symbolizing the whip that was used on Jesus's back)
A Blunt Nail
(That pierced His hands and feet)

A Small Cross  
(Glue/tape two toothpicks together)
A Tiny Rock
(Showing them the tomb was sealed)
White Kleenex 
(To represent the only thing that was left 
in the tomb-grave clothes)

A Piece of Gold (old jewelry, or
gold-looking object)
(To stand for the streets of gold in heaven.  
Remind your child, that Jesus is the only God, 
for He rose from the dead!)

Even though, for our family,we
do not stress/encourage fairy tales,
we still have a little bit of fun 

We might even decorate some eggs, 

or go on an egg hunt. . . 

1.  What does your family do, 
to celebrate Resurrection day?  

2.  Do you participate in any 
of the Bunny-Egg-Candy whoopala? 
3.  What's your favorite  



    Friday, March 26, 2010

    YOUR ANSWERS To "How To Fix A Bad Mood"

    If you missed my post earlier this week, I was in a bad mood (click HERE).  I asked all of you, what you do when you are down in the dumps and all "hormonal".  Here is what you said:

    Amy said:

    Bye Bye To Sugar: 

    For me getting sugar OUT of my system was the first thing thing that helped my sadness, and hopelessness that would come over me.  BUT, after saying goodbye to that bad, dear, OLD friend... I would get grumpy when I couldn't binge on sugar or indulge in it when I was needing a jolt, or a fix, or to shut off my bad emotions so i could be in happy land again.... I was grumpy for a couple months... Abba showed me it was the wrong solution to my aching heart and emotions. He taught me that my heart, soul and spirit could only be nourished, and filled by Him. Food feeds my physical hunger, and Abba feeds my spiritual (heart, soul) hunger. HUGE lightbulb moment for me!


    For hormones though, I have taken a whole lot of stuff for that... and I think the magical pill for me was b12. Seriously has made a HUGE difference this month for me.... sorry your grumpy!

    Annah99 said:

    Visiting The Blogging World:

    I blog...and read blogs...

    Good Worship Music/Exercise/Prayer:

    Great worship music on the IPOD and a fast paced walk for 45 minutes to an out what you're feeling to God while you walk.

    Dance To Some Good Tunes:

    I turn up the music and dance! No kidding, it really helps. Especially if no one is home to make fun of you. 

    Beddyboodles said:

    I used to let it roll. I used to heed to the pull of them, react to them.  Now, I am trying:

    Be aware of your cycle: 

    A) To recognize when I am pre-mensural, tell myself to not react in a negative way.

    B) I usually tell my husband, I am a bit hormonal, can you just 'bare that in mind.' - ( sensitive physically and emotionally) He has learnt to be aware if this.

    Find Some Alone Time:

    C) If I feel a bit hectic and irritated, I tend to go and find 5 mins away to calm my thoughts, remind myself it is just emotions and coax myself to behave in a gentle and sensitive spirit toward my family.

    P.S still learning!

    Know It's Coming/Can't Stop The Emotions:
    I know it is coming on and yet I still can't stop it. I hate that. Ugh. I can't wait to read your follow up. Maybe I will learn something.

    (This is how I feel most of the time, too Mimi!)

    Kigkat said:


    Run!! Or other kinds of exercise. :)

    Visit With A Girlfriend/Get Good Sleep: 

    I go visit with a girlfriend! That usually makes me feel better... Or I try to get some sleep because a lot of times it's because I stayed up WAY too late the night before!

    Great Answers Ladies!

    For me, I usually can tell my body is stressed/frustrated/irritated. . . you know, when your hormones are going all wacko on ya!  But I usually just blow up because I try to internalize the madness! 

    I think it is important to stop, right where you are and pray.  Even when it is the hardest thing to do.  Talk it out with the Lord.  Go, and get to a quiet place for a few minutes (even if the only quiet place in your house is your bathroom).  Close the door and lock it.  

    Sometimes all I need is a good cry, or a good night sleep.  I usually wake up feeling a whole lot better.  I have to remind myself that this will pass.  

    I have found that, besides removing or decreasing sugar, limiting my caffeine around hormonal times can be helpful.  

    Sometimes we can get pretty obsessive/compulsive during these times (which aggravates our frustration).  We are like a whirlwind of business; when what we really need to do, is remove ourselves from all the media in our home.  Instead, just relax and read a bookSit and play with your kids.  Go for a walk.  Do some "mindless work".  

    Get a good dose of God's Word... even if it is just watching a You Tube christian music video, with great lyrics, or even just reading 1 chapter in the bible.  Do you have some favorite scripture around your house?  Go around and read them, meditate on their truth, and let it sink into your mind and heart.

    Are you in need of a good cry?  Some encouragement?  Some rest?  Watch this video.  You won't be sorry.  Listen carefully to the words, and think about where God has brought you from.  Let Him give you HOPE for the future.
    You are precious in His sight! (Psalm 139)

    Thanks again for sharing ladies.
    If you missed the last post, and
    have some more great ideas,
    feel free to comment below: 



    Wednesday, March 24, 2010

    I Heart GIVEAWAYS!

    This Is NOW CLOSED!!!

    Don't you just Heart Free Stuff?

    Especially Jewelry!

    Especially Jewelry from Lisa Leonard

    I'm giving away a 

    $40.00 Gift Certificate 
    towards any of her custom work!

    Have you heard of her?  

    Here she is:

    Can you even stand the cuteness?!

    She is a mommy to two boys, David, 7 and Matty, 6 and wife to Steve. In between school and work they spend their time playing outdoors on the central coast of CA, eating chocolate chip pancakes, tapping tunes on the piano (David) and choreographing elaborate light saber duels (Matty).

    Even more adorable than Lisa, is her 
    handmade jewelry!

    Each piece is hand-cut, hammered, 
    antiqued, polished sterling silver!

    You can even create a custom mommy
    necklace with a meaningful phrase
    or date to wear near your heart!

    (order by April 28th for Mother's Day Delivery)

    Lisa's custom necklace she made in memory 
    of Angie Smith's daughter, Audrey Caroline:

    Some more of her beauties:

    So enough of my bla bla bla-ing. . .

    Details people!

    Go visit Lisa's site: click here 
    (worth 1 comment)
    Anything else you do to spread 
    the word is worth a comment too!

    Blog, Tweet, Facebook, Email, Etc.
    If you subscribe by email, and follow Ordinary Inspirations, they are worth 2 comments each!

    Winner will be chosen

    Monday, March 29th, 
    @ 3 PM EST!

    Have fun!  
    I hope  



    Tuesday, March 23, 2010

    My Life-Long Struggle

    When I was a little girl, I never felt "little".  I felt weighed down, like I was carrying around an extra person; extra baggage.  

    When I was able to lose 50 pounds in 2003, I felt like a new person!  I felt free, like nothing was weighing me down anymore.  

    I would seriously walk out of the house, thinking that I was forgetting something.  Kinda like those terrifying dreams, where you go to school or work naked, because you've forgotten to put on your clothes!  Yes, for real!  

    I remember feeling my face, and discovered cheek bones that I never knew existed.  I would place my hands on my hips, and actually feel bone, instead of flabby flesh.

    I remember the confidence I had. . . how happy and joyful I was.  I was free to explore all my dreams, had energy to keep up with life's demands, and was truly living a vibrant life.

    Until. . .

    I began to allow the enemy back into my life.  No, it's not THE ENEMY that we all think of "per say" . . .   I'm talking about the enemy called SUGAR.

    Did you know, that sugar is super addicting?  That it can be as strong as a drug or alcohol addiction?  That is constantly grabs our mind, our very soul. . . without warning!  

    Like sin, it is never satisfied.  It always wants more.  For the moment, on the lips, and into the belly, it feels great.  It satisfies.  It calms the nerves.  But it never lasts! 

    It gives:

    False hope

    Empty promises

    Treads down hopes and dreams

    Gives way to devastating and uncontrollable mood swings

    Debilitates the body and makes one sluggish and weary

    Think I'm being over dramatic on this measly little issue, called sugar?  Well, if you struggle, like me. . . you know that it affects every aspect of your life!

    I want that woman back that was free. . . 

    free to dream

    free to hope

    free to smile big

    free to walk around without that extra baggage and weight

    Do you constantly struggle with your cravings and eating habits?  Come along with me. . . on my journey once again, at cutting out sugar including white bread, flour, and rice.  

    I will eat more protein and fiber, fruits (low in natural sugar like apples, and berries) veggies, lean meat, and drink lots and lots of water!  I will try to incorporate 20 minutes of exercise into my day, 5-6 times a week. 

    Document it for 21 days.  See how you feel at day 21.  If you feel better, have more energy, find that you are able to curb those cravings and manage your portions sizes, you may just realize that the enemy, when it comes to your eating habits, just may be 

    Did you know that sugar actually 
    aggravates your depression?
    Depression/Hormones/Sugar:  Sugar addiction is caused by the fact that when you ingest sugar it helps to produce serotonin, the feel good neurotransmitter.

    Thus people with depression or serotonin deficiency might find temporary relief

    from sugar ingestion. Sugar consumption triggers the release of insulin, a hormone that functions to push glucose (and other nutrients) across cell membranes.Thus people who suffer from depression are likely to find relief in excess sugar consumption, but unfortunately only for a while..

    The problem is that as we consume more and more sugar, it threatens the body with free radicals attacks, that may damage tissues and organs. The body sets up a defense by shutting down receptors for insulin, called �Insulin Resistance� and thereby aggravating the depression that we are trying to treat.

    Please let me know if eliminating sugar helps you!  I do warn you, that the first 3 days, you will think you are dying!  Your body will cry for sugar.  Give it time... it will pass.  You will find that your cravings will diminish!  It is simply amazing!  Also, ask any questions you may have.  I'd be happy to try and guide you along in this journey.

    What might help:  Going on a Hypoglycemic Diet:  CLICK HERE

    Other helpful resources and links regarding sugar addiction:

    I want that vibrant woman back!  I keep telling myself, this:

    If I get to a healthy weight, and get rid of sugar (99% of the time), I will have that much more ambition to minster more to:

    • My husband
    • My kids
    • My family and friends
    • My church family
    • A lost and dying world looking for HOPE!
    No more excuses!  
    Time to rid my 
    body of sugar, once again.
    I know that it works.  I just have to ask the Lord to help me to make wise choices, and commit to it!  I want to be healthy.  I want to glorify Him, in all areas, including what I put into my mouth, and how it affects my health, stress level, and mood!  

    Please Note:  It is ALWAYS important to consult your doctor before making any drastic changes in your diet and exercise routine!




    Monday, March 22, 2010

    Our Bathroom Is Under Construction

    I feel like I'm showering in a 
    third-world country.

    Well, not exactly.  Probably not even close to what it would feel like.  But that is all I can think about, showering in a dark, tiny enclosed space, with a stinky, gray tarp around me. 

    It smells so dry-wall-y around here.  Yes, I realize that is not a word.  It is a Traci-made-up-word.  If you stick around long enough, you'll get me.  Or maybe you won't, but you'll humor me? 

    Before I digress further...

    If you have ever done a remodeling project around your home, you understand the joys and frustrations!  Yes?  No?

    In this fast-paced world, we want things done yesterday.  Like my new bathroom.  But I'm really trying to be patient!  Really!

     Before Pictures
    Our bathroom is under construction this week:

    Please come back, 
    periodically this week...
    I will take you along on our
    remodeling journey...
    I'm so excited for the final
    "after" pictures!