Friday, January 7, 2011

Morning Sickness

Someone should really change the name to Morning-Afternoon-Evening-Middle of the Night Sickness. 

Praying for a speedy 3 months!  Anyone know some good tips to relieve the nausea?



  1. Ginger tea was the only thing that gave me any relief when I was pregnant with our 4th. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. I froze ginger-ale into popsicles (ice cube tray)
    Somehow the cold - sweet - ginger taste helped.
    I too was 24/7 sick ;{
    Oh my - memories!
    Also - I found if I put a drop of peppermint and a drop of lavendar together into the humidifier it helped because my nose was SUPER sensitive! :(
    A few drops of citrus on a hankerchief helped too sometimes - so I could just hold it up to my nose and block out any other smells ;)
    Good luck!
    You are in my prayers for SURE! :)

  3. For me, I had to keep a pile of hard Jolly Ranchers...around the house. My morning sickness had something to do with my sugar levels dropping rapidly. I also would have my husband rub my wrists, massaging the pressure points in the inside center wrist area. Sometimes that helped, though not as often as maintaining my sugar levels with candy. Hope you're feeling better soon. :o)

  4. I would say the same thing fresh ginger root tea.
    I used to chew mint gum too. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  5. praying that you fell better soon!!!

  6. Hope you feel better. If it's any consolation to you I had Hyperemesis that lasted the entire 9 months with both of my girls. I will pray as I know what it is like to feel sick 24/7!

  7. Melissa Fussell2:47 PM

    They have these Ginger lolipops at babies r us that really help to sooth the tummy. I also eat a lot if cereal. I am four months and I am still getting the all day sickness. Feel better soon!

  8. Ginger tea was also the only thing that helped me. I had to start my day with it otherwise nothing would stay down. Good luck!

  9. I agree with the ginger tea/ale. Also dried crackers. I often found that eating small amounts more often, helped. I hope you feel better soon.

  10. Milkthistle!!! Works wonders. Also Morning Wellness Tea by Earth Mama Angel Baby!

  11. I affirm all the above advice! I really liked Michelle G's ideas!

    I would also add that a little lemon in my water would help ease the nausea. As for mint, spearmint might be a little easier on the stomach. Peppermint can cause heartburn and also make the baby hyper whereas spearmint has a calming effect!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  12. I don't have any advice, I am just wishing you a quick recovery from the sickness:(

  13. Oh, Traci!!! I'm SO sorry to hear that! I have also heard that ginger works well, but I'm sure it all depends on the person.... Hoping that things get better very soon...

    Hugs, sweet friend!

  14. I don't have any great advice, but I hope the nausea passes for you quickly! I was there not too long ago! :)

  15. Oh, I wish I could help you. I wasn't sick at all with the first two. But the last one was different. I never threw up, but couldn't drink anything without feeling nauseous. What helped one time wouldn't help the next. (Ginger snaps, peppermints, saltines, etc.) It all disappeared at 13 weeks, though. But I think not drinking enough throughout brought on a kidney stone bout at 9 months. So drink, drink, drink!!

  16. saltine crackers, ginger ale and wearing peppermint scented lip balm...but even that sometimes made me puke.

    i'm so sorry, traci. i'm praying that this will be over before the 1st trimester is up.

    love to you.

  17. I don't have any real tips for you. Praying it gets better soon!

  18. Lemon. I never would have survived my last pregnancy without it. I spent the first month and a half gagging at just the smell of food, let alone eating it. My husband found out about lemon and told me.

    The best thing is a fresh lemon. You can cut it open and put a little sugar/salt on it and eat/suck on it like an orange or something. I used to carry lemon drops (the hard candy) in my purse no matter where I went b/c I couldn't carry a lemon and knife around with me. I recommend it to anyone who has nausea with pregnancy. My first 1 1/2 months I lost almost 10 pounds...but after discovering the lemon I was able to do much better with food-and lemon always worked.

  19. Zofran.

    But then, I'm not opposed to going the medicinal route if necessary.

    As my husband works in the pharmaceutical business or philosophy is better living through medicine.

    I know many are opposed to taking medications while pregnant, but I say if it is considered safe, why not? My OB wouldn't have prescribed it if it wasn't.

    And, it works almost immediately.

    The other suggestions are tried and true, but do not work for everyone. At least not for me. And, I didn't have morning sickness with every pregnancy. Horrible with my first, none with our second, horrible with our third.

    Seems, you just never know!

    BTW...congrats! I didn't know you were expecting!


  20. The pharmacy I worked at sold preggy pops or queazy pops they both are good for nausea the other thing that helps is a sea 'sick' wrist band that you wear on either one wrist or both, non medical but it works. snack often, don't get 'hungry'. little bites, apple helps too there is something in an apple that takes the nausea away.
    I will pray this will pass soon.

  21. Milkthistle. Lots of protein, a morsel at a time... it will keep your blood sugar from tanking and that helps with the barfing. Also, Target sells ginger beer under the Archer Farms label. A few sips of that really helped me. And no, it's not beer-beer.

  22. I was super sick with my second, and I tried everything...nothing worked until I hit 4 months, so I hope for better for you!

    and BTW don't buy these silly pressure point wrist bands they sell for nausea, they don't work, at all! In fact, when we were packing up and moving about a year after my daughter was born, I found on that had fallen behind a dresser, and almost threw up. BECAUSE it reminded me of how sick I was wearing them. Don't waste your money.

  23. Since I'm on #5, I've tried it all, and for each pregnancy, something works that didn't work last time, or something that did work, doesn't work now. It's pretty much different, just like every pregnancy is different. So here are all my standard tricks!
    EAt several small meals throughout the day, like every two hours. EAt a banana or piece of toast, or gingerbread before your head comes off the pillow.
    I second the Zofran, or I like compazine better, but it can make you drowsy. The zofran gave me a headache, but I would trade the sick for a headache any day!No need to feel miserable when you can get at least some relief.

    My dr. recommends a T. of peach syrup every 30 minutes.

    Preggie pops help, may not make it go away, but can ease the sick a little.
    The pressure point bands worked for me, in addition to ginger in tea, medicine, preggie pops, and all those other things. I could tell a difference without them.
    Nothing I have ever tried has made it go away completely, but all those little things have made it easier for me to deal with it and continue with life a little.
    I hope you feel better soon!
    Just remember, morning sickness is a sign of a healthy pregnancy, it means your hormones are increasing which is just what the baby needs!


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