Thursday, March 17, 2011

Why We Are Sending Our Daughter To Public School (A Re-Post)

You might remember my post, Are Homeschool Moms Just Control Freaks?

In it I confessed my desire to home educate my children.  I also shared the pros and cons of public and private education.

When I found out that my wonderful husband did not share my same passion for homeschooling our children, I was crushed!  But then, we discussed that we would pray about it.  

Ahhhh yes, Lord, please change Tim's heart.  I've prayed this for 3 months now.  Guess what?  Did you know that the Lord has a sense of humor?  Oh yes He does.  In just the past couple days, God has done a complete 180 turn of MY HEART!  I am at total peace about actually sending our daughter to either Private or Public school next year.  Homeschooling is indeed, OUT, for next Fall! (Lord willing). 

I cannot explain it, but you've been there...  Where the Lord speaks to you through His Word, and the Holy Spirit confirms things.  He showed me that this was the path He had for our family at this time.  He released me from my fears, my anxieties, my worries about what other "home-educated-moms" would think of me.  He showed me these things:
  • I love your Riley more than even you do.
  • I have a plan for her life.
  • You will still be a wonderful Mommy, even if you send her to school.
  • You will still be in my will.
  • You can STILL be her teacher, her number one cheerleader, her everything, even if she goes to school!

I'm actually excited about it!  I so had MY HEAD wrapped around home schooling, that I'd never given the other 2 options much thought.  I was convinced, that I had the desire to teach her, so I must need to home educate, right?  No.

I will still be her teacher as I lovingly come along side her as she does her homework.

I will still be her teacher when I discipline and correct her.

I will still be her teacher when we discuss real-life events that occur at school.

I will still be her teacher when I pray, and instill God's Word in her heart, daily.

It's been totally eye-opening people!  Do I still think home-educating her might be an option for the future?  Oh yes.  But not now.  It's not in God's plan for our family and it's okay!

So dear friend, please know that after you have prayed about it as a family, and move forward with the decision God has given you, you will be in His perfect will as you are obedient to Him!

We are not all cookie-cutter Christians.  We are not all cookie-cutter families, either.
What are your thoughts?  Have you been wrestling and wrestling, wondering what you should do for your children? 

Put the guilt-trips aside, and trust the Lord.  He will show you.  He will guide you.  He will tell you.  He will give you a perfect peace!

I love being their #1 teacher... see for yourself:

I love being their Mommy... a great and high calling to raise them up in the Lord!

(Since writing this post last year, my husband and I have decided to send our daughter to our local public school up the road.  I will be involved and pay careful attention to what is going on.  We just don't have the funds for private schooling.)

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  1. What a great post Traci. I have my own opinions on public and home-schooling. When a child is home-schooled they miss out on the actual everyday life (God's world). It may not be pleasant sometimes, but they will live in the true world, with you (their mommy) as their guide. I have family that home-schools their children, and yes, they appear as the perfect "cookie-cutter" family. They have been protected from the real world (God's world). Will their children fully be prepared to go out into the world on their own? All of my children have attended public schools, and with me as their guide, they have turned out to be great adults. They are stable and ready to face the world (God's world).

  2. My 3 oldest kids went to PS for a season. I, too, was very involved and paid close attention. In our case, it was my husband who initiated the conversation to HS. I didn't think I could do it. But, God obviously had a different opinion than me. Things got to the point where I took them out of PS mid-March. On a Monday God said to me "you are to home school them" and on Wednesday He said "No. You don't understand. I mean you are to home school them NOW!"
    It was very scary to make that decision. But, I knew that I was following God's direction. That's really all that matters. His will. Not ours.
    Love reading your post!

  3. That's wonderful Traci! I know the feeling exactly. Our boys are now split. One going to private school and 2 at home with us, and God is blessing the situation so! You're right, being in the will of God and you husband is where we should all be, no matter what. Blessings to you!

  4. Traci thank you for this post. I have been struggle well shouldnt say struggling but it was put on my heart that my youngest needs to come out of public school. We too have our 13 year old in private school now and the fund are not there for the youngest. We have been praying and I am still praying that whatever the Lords will is it will happen this year. Either he goes to a private school or he will be home schooled. I am praying and waiting for Gods will to give me peace. It is so amazing to wait on Him for these kinds of decisions!! Hugs girl!!

  5. Thank you for sharing this post!

    I think that we are something lost about schooling or academic and education, because their is a difference between them!

    Schooling or academic are skill like learning to write and read etc... those could be learn and taught in many setting, public or private school or at home.

    But education, or training our little one in the ways of the Lord is the parents duty, and can and should be done at home, so to me, where the little one gets there academic is not as important as where and how and if they will learn about the Lord.

    I do not mean there is no place for sunday school, but they are complement on the teaching done at home by the parents. Same if you your little one do school outside home, the complement is at home!!!

    I think each family do face this question, how will our little one will be educate at one point in there life

  6. I thought that I would home school my kids at one point, too. Like you, we prayed about it and I now have a third grader and a first grader in public school. We just really felt like this was where God wanted them to be. I feel like we have had so many opportunities to minister to our community, families within the school, children whose only contact with God is through my children and so many, many conversations about "the world" and how to be that light within it. Blessings to you as you start this new chapter in your life!

  7. I love this post! We have sent our kids to private school for the past 12 years (w/ financial help). It has come to the point where we feel God leading us to public school, and oh, how I struggle with it. BUT sending them to private school has really strapped us $$, and I have to work full-time. I would rather have the opportunity to work LESS, and be at home MORE to shepard their hearts. So, here we go, walking in obedience.....Thanks for re-posting this!!

  8. Great job mommy! The most important thing is that we stay involved! :)

  9. If you feel that public school is where God wants Riley, then you send her to public school- and that's the safest place for her to be spiritually- because it God's will for her. God doesn't call ALL Christian kids to be homeschooled. :)

  10. You're right, we are not cookie-cutter Christians. We need to keep our eyes on God's will for our lives, not our neighbor's lives. I'm glad that you are listening to God and letting Him guide you in this process. You have beautiful children and you are a great mommy!
    Many blessings!

  11. Traci,
    I love the balanced approach you are taking here. As a former public school teacher, I get so offended when Christians turn up their noses at pubic school or act like all public school teachers are trying to indoctrinate their kids with lessons on homosexuality or evolution. Never once did anything contrary to my Christian beliefs come up in my classroom. In fact, my class was a place where those kids were taught Christian values without ever knowing it! Rest in the assurance that the teacher your child will have is educated, certified, and working hard to partner with you.

  12. Oh how I needed to read this today. I just came from touring a local charter school. The lottery for that school is this weekend. I have applied for both of my kids to get in. I have a rising 5th grader and rising 2nd grader. There are openings for 2nd grade, not 5th. So I may have to decide if I have kids in 2 different schools and hope that the other child gets in the following year.
    My kids have been in a public school and for various reasons I felt the need to try this route (homeschooling is not a fot for us right now). I am hoping, with prayer, to feel at ease no matter how it turns out next week.
    So happy that you found peace in your decision. It is so important to feel good about where we send out children.
    Thanks for re-posting this today. It was good for me to read :)

  13. What a great post! Every family is different and it is so great that you sought the Lord's will first. Right now my school aged kids go to a private classical Christian school. Each year brings re-evaluation and prayer. Keep us posted!

  14. It's always good to know you are making decisions for your family based on God's plan, and not your own.
    I had just the opposite experience, and thought that despite my desire to homeschool or not, my kids would be in public school, because we are in the ministry.
    Then came the day God made it clear to us it was time to pull our children out of public school and homeschool, (and not because of our kids being exposed to bad things or being unhappy with public school) despite what conflict we may encounter in our ministry. It was a tough decision, and plenty of conflict existed, but it was the perfect decision for us.
    My kids experience more of real life or "God's world" than they ever did, and are much happier now. It is what God wanted for our family. And it is what His plan was for us. And I'm so glad I had the courage to obey, even when it seemed more than overwhelming.
    I do believe God calls some to go and some to stay, just as He does with missions, and He plans each person to fill a separate role, be a different part of the Body of Christ. WE can't all be an eye anyway. But one is not better than the other, unless you are doing the opposite of what God has planned for your family.
    Don't ever let someone make you feel bad for following God and being obedient, whether it's public school now, or homeschool later.

  15. I have never had a choice whether to home school. I have dropped my kids off with sitters at the age of 6 weeks. I always envied woman would could, yet I know it's a full-time job schooling your children. My children have been in public school their entire lives and are all following the Lord and actively involved in ministry. I believe each family needs to do what the Lord puts on their heart to do, and not just because they feel it's the "right" thing. What may be right for one family, may not be for another. Bless you!

  16. Hi Traci

    I've been in the same place you are, gnawing at the problem of my children's education. You are absolutely right... the Holy Spirit leads you when you are seeking to do God's will. You do "just know" what is right for your individual and unique needs. Sometimes we forget that we have a perfect counselor in Him and we spend so much time seeking answers in other places. Good luck with everything!

    Love & Blessings

  17. What precious angels you have! I am excited for you...and understand the thinking that we are throwing our children to the lions if they attend public school. We ARE their biggest teacher! How awesome to allow them to be 'light' and 'salt' in the world of public school, while they still have parents around to guide them in their school activities. I'm proud of ya Girl! How sweet to know you are in the center of God's will. AAAHHH!!! God will bless you in mighty ways I'm sure.
    As long as we are following HIS lead, we can't ever go wrong!

  18. Believe it or not, I have struggled with these same questions for the past 11 years...and I am a teacher! There is no one right answer that will cover every child, simply because God has a different plan for every child. My heart goes out to you, but know that there are a lot of teachers out there that truly seek God for how to guide those under their charge. Pray for them - especially since many who are in their care do not know the Lord (and even some who do) and will challenge them daily. Also remember that the teacher guiding your child probably has children of her own that she loves dearly - but she sacrifices time with them to grade papers, plan lessons, deal with school paperwork, etc. Support them with your love and prayers - they need it.

  19. Traci,
    I really appreciate your post. Your account sounds similar to a recent series of conversations my husband and I have had. I, too, felt the call to home school Alex. I really felt they may be the best decision for him. Dan, however, did not feel the same as I did. We, too, prayed about the option. Our answer came through the fact he could not get peace. We would not go forward without being on the same page.
    Alex is in a really good Christian school for which we are thankful. Like you, I am still a huge influence in his life and plan to take advantage of all teaching moments possible.
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  20. You are doing the most important thing for your family, sitting at the feet of God and listening:)
    I sometimes wonder why there is pressure or even opinions from any side about anything, all they are, are opinions. No one but you and your husband and God know what's best for each of your children. And God will tell YOU not anyone else;)
    So bravo!! I'm excited for you:)

  21. Hey Traci!! I know the struggle with trying to find the right options for school. Private school is just not an option for us with 4 kids. We have Mariah homeschooling now that she is in Middle School. She did fine in public school but she really wanted to be out of certain situations she was facing daily. I love having her home. We are taking Zach home next year even though he will only be in 4th. He is making wrong choices plus needs a bit more one on one schooling. But Nehi will stay in pschool next year and I am also sending Grace for kindergarten. The Lord can always change hearts and situations. It is not wrong to send kids to ps and homeschool them at other times. Whatever the Lord leads you to do during that season of life.

  22. This is a wonderful post! It is so nice to not be made to feel guilty about our daughter attending public school! We knew early on that homeschooling was not an option for our little social butterfly, but we struggled with the public/private issue. I taught in Christian school and I wanted her to attend Christian school, but God shut the door and told us no. She is happily in public school and has an amazing love for Jesus. He has a plan for her that doesn't include homeschooling or (at this time) private schooling, and that is just fine. I so wish everyone could see that God is not a cookie cutter God, but has individual purposes for each of us.

  23. Congratulations on your decision and the peace you have from the Lord. There isn't one perfect way, and this is from a home school mom of 22 years, who will probably put her youngest in public school. God just calls us to obedience and He is responsible for the finished work. Have fun with all the adventures ahead of you....and enjoy those little ones.


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