Monday, May 16, 2011

10 Things Praying For Your Husband Does For You {The Wife}

I must confess that I forget to pray for my husband (more often than not).  Oh yes, I think about him, text him throughout the day, and anticipate his return in the evening... but pray?  I forget.

What does praying for your husband do for you {the wife}?

1) It keeps your thoughts pure.
2) It keeps your mind and heart positive about him.
3) It keeps you humble.
4) It keeps you safe (there is protection in God's will).
5) It keeps you in communion with your Heavenly Father.
6) It keeps you content.
7) It keeps you watchful for God's blessings in his life.
8) It keeps you eager for answered prayer in his life.
9) It keeps you free from a negative spirit.
10) It keeps your words praise-worthy about him in front of your children.

Do you struggle with remembering to pray for your husband?  Try this with me:

At the top of each hour, spend 2 minutes praying for him {specifically}.  Do this between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm (give or take depending on your schedule).  THAT'S 20 MINUTES A DAY!

8 am (Pray for his walk with the Lord)
9 am (Pray for his purity)
10 am (Pray for his friendships)
11 am (Pray for his witness)
12 am (Pray for his work to be honorable)
1 pm (Pray for him as a father)
2 pm (Pray for his safety)
3 pm (Pray for God to bless him)
4 pm (Pray for God's strength in his life)
5 pm (Pray for his visions and dreams)

Will you join me in this?  Meet me back next week and we'll see how it made a difference.  Consider printing this schedule and taping it to a 3x5 card.

Don't want to miss out?  Meet me over here.



  1. I love this idea, Traci!

  2. I love this idea, too and am going to copy the schedule! :)

  3. Ricky9:46 AM

    As a husband, I would be so thankful to know my wife is praying for me faithfully. Her prayers for me would only make me appreciate all the more the true blessing the Lord had given me to have a Godly wife. A praying wife would be such a prized "help meet" and should be cherished.


  4. Awesome, thank you!

  5. Great idea, Traci! Our husbands need our love, support, and most definitely our prayers.

  6. Great Idea ...I will try and do this

  7. Thanks for the great reminder today!!! All of those reasons are so wonderful...praying is one of the best things we can do for our husbands as their helpmeets.

    I was very blessed by your article today. Thanks!

    Mary Joy

  8. Great thoughts. I pray for my husband throughout the day. Sometimes when he is asleep I place my hand on him and pray.

  9. This is a great idea, Traci! I must confess I have NEVER been consistent in praying for my Love. Thank you for this challenge, and schedule! I'm going to do it with you!

  10. Thank you for this, Traci! I'm going to work on it tomorrow. I know I spend the day looking forward to my hubby getting home, and I shouldn't just be thinking about him, but interceding for him and thanking God for him. Great reminder!

  11. Thanks for stopping in to my blog. I certainly needed this post today. I need to pray for my husband more. I can find two minutes to pray every hour. Thanks!

  12. I think this is a wonderful idea... Off to get my 3x5 card! Thanks for this x

  13. Wonderful! I post every Sunday - Praying Scripture for your heart, husband, and home. I hope you will join me. I am currently praying through Ephesians. Will be starting Chapter 2 this Sunday.

  14. Adding to the Prayer Calendar I keep for myself on Outlook....added it at the top of each hour...and made it a recurring appointment.

    I spend so much time on the computer...that a two-minute prayer for my hub will be a welcome break each hour!

    Deb - a Titus Two Friend

  15. This is a wonderful reminder to me. It is easy to forget the power and grace that comes with prayer. Thank you!

  16. gracias... había olvidado lo que tenia que hacer!

  17. Beautiful idea! Love this, Traci. I was intrigued by the link over at Ann Voskamp's place today, and how fun to realize it was YOUR place being linked to! You're a blessing.

  18. Yes! Surrounding our marriages in Prayer! I love it! And yes, I will join you!

  19. Wow! Yes I'm in! Thank you so much!

  20. Thank you so much for this encouraging challenge! I went ahead and set little alarms on my phone telling me what to pray for at what times.

    Visiting from Madagascar at There's Grace For That

  21. what a great idea to break it down to a couple minutes every hour! i try to pray for my husband and my kids each day, but i really like your idea of setting an alarm and doing it continually. it will keep me from grumbling and complaining.

    my recent post: did you look into their eyes today?

  22. Anonymous9:22 PM

    I am definitely going to do this. I am not married or in a relationship, but I often think about my future husband and I think this is a fantastic idea.

    1. Yes start now(that's faith) I did and became marry and it is easy. Gernaine Copland has prayers in one of her books prayers prevail much. Excellent book.

  23. Hi! My friend, Vanessa sent me the schedule and I have been doing this and loving it! I wanted to let you know, I think it is such a great idea that I am going to post a link to this entry on my own tiny blog. Thank you for the encouragement!

  24. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Beautiful idea! Thank you. :)

  25. I really like this and have started doing this today. I think I may also use it as a way to pray for my baby boy (who's only 6 months old at the moment!) as well. How can you go wrong bathing your baby's future in prayer as well as your husband's life as well. I can't wait to see how this changes the dynamic in our home. :)

  26. This is fantastic!! I love that we'd all be praying in agreement the same time!! I believe agreement is the most powerful prayer. I believe it can release blessings for us as we pray for them. Will make a 3x5.

  27. Anonymous9:19 PM

    This amazing and am def goin to start this


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