Monday, May 9, 2011

Good Days Can Be Filled With Flat Tires and Flared Tempers

What is your idea of a good day? 

The words cross my lips; oh, this has been one awful day!  Some days, few and far between, I can honestly say, WOW, this has been a really great day!

I tend to be an all or nothing person. 

With weight-loss, it's all or nothing. 
With cleaning my house, it's all or nothing. 
With my bible reading, it's all or nothing.

Why is that?  Am I measuring my worth on whether or not I can cross all my "t's" and dot all of my "i's".  If it doesn't look perfect, then it's not good enough?  What's that all about?

My mind takes me back to the dreaded days I spent indoors practicing the piano.  As my fingers hit the keys, I could hear the carefree laughter and screams from neighbor kids. While practicing, if I messed up... even one tiny note, I would start all over; I wouldn't continue to the finish.

With reading books, I start one book and it's usually on to the next pile of 5 waiting for me before I have finished.  I start new projects and never complete them if I can't conquer the task at hand.

I think it is tied to not feeling good enough.  As though I could really attain perfection? 

Do you think that might be why you do these very same things?  Think about your childhood.  Did you have a person in your life that you were constantly trying to earn approval from?

How about if we throw away the UNREALISTIC IDEA that a day has to be "good" or "bad" and realize that we are complete and loved by an awesome GOD!  

Jeremiah 29:11: "For I know the thoughts that I think towards you, says the Lord.  Thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end." 

Good days can be filled with flat tires, flared tempers, and un-met goals and still be good days!

Bad days can be finished with unexpected joys and laughter of the soul! 

Be hopeful today; it doesn't have to be all or nothing!

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  1. Oh. My. Word. Traci, are you in my head!?!? This is something that I have struggled with ALOT since the early years, and recently, as I have "grown-up," has come to stare me in the eyeballs. Always trying to gain approval, always starting new books (LOL I have about 5 going right now, and can't decide which one to pursue to the finish first...), always striving to be the BEST at something or I won't do it...It's funny, I too am a pianist, in fact, that is what my college degree is in - Piano Pedagogy - and I struggled and STRUGGLED so much with this (and still do) in studying music.
    Yes, I agree with you that all of this is tied to not feeling good enough. And YES! I want to trash the "UNREALISTIC IDEA that a day has to be 'good' or 'bad' and realize that we are complete and loved by an awesome GOD!"

  2. Thank you for this reminder!! Started out with what could be called a bad morning...but now it's almost evening and my heart is hopeful and trusting again...Thank you Jesus that we have a reason to be thankful!!

  3. Traci, I can really relate to this post. I tend to be an all or nothing woman too. But everyday can be a "good" day because Jesus loves me everyday. I am made perfect in Him, not in what I do. Thanks for this reminder!

  4. Thank you Traci, I needed to hear this today!!!!

  5. tks tracy, this is exactly what i needed to read, tks for inspiring me. rgds, dalyse


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