Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pregnancy Fashion Do Or Don't... You Decide!

Pregnancy Belly Rings (Do or Don't?)

Lullabelly, Prenantal Music Belt (Do or Don't)

ShrinkxHips (Do or Don't)

Body Belly Cast (Do or Don't)

Bikini (Do or Don't)

Hospital Designer Maternity Gowns (Do or Don't)



  1. I am a "don't" on all, except maybe the shrinxhips (if it actually works). And a maternity bikini? Seriously? I mean, I've seen them - but do women really think it's attractive???

  2. I'm a don't on all of them, too, except for the shrinxhips. I actually used a girdle type garment and it worked. My daughter used a bamboo wrap for hips and tummy with good results, too. As for the rest? What DO you do with a belly cast?

  3. I'm a "do" for all of them, except for maybe a belly ring. Pregnancy is a joyful time and it's cute to see a baby belly, so why not have fun with some music, making a cast and so on. I really wish I had a cute maturity gown when I was in the hospital! That's a great idea!

  4. No to the belly ring, but after having my daughter I am no to belly rings no matter what (you should see what mine looks like even 3 years after giving birth and I took mine out right after finding out.

    Yes to the music thing (but I would only do it in my own home because it does look ridiculous)

    I am not sure on the bikini, I am all about showing off a pregnant belly because I think it is beautiful, but I am going through a modesty conviction at the moment and I am not sure what I believe anymore.

    Belly casts freak me out for some reason.

    And the designer hospital gowns- why not? I am hoping for a home-birth next time around so I hopefully won't need one anyway lol.

  5. I like the pretty hospital gowns, but I have seen that they can be very pricey. And really the chances that they get all yucky is pretty good. Not sure I would want to risk ruining that expensive of a night gown. Maybe for after delivery. But the rest would be a "don't" in my book.

  6. I say "don't" to all of them. Well maybe a belly cast depending on who is doing it. I think a bare pregnant belly is beautiful but personal and not to be shared with the world :)

  7. No to all but the belly cast :)
    I guess for those who are way more daring than myself the maternity bikini is fine - I don't mind seeing it...I just wouldnt be the one to try it :)
    The music thing....probably overpriced....the custom made hospital gown - lol no way! Not like you'd EVER want to intentionally wear that again :)

  8. if i got to do it all over again i would definitely "do" the hospital gown...who doesn't want to feel pretty after such a huge event with so many visitors? yup. i'd "do" that one:).

    but you will look fabulous no matter what <3

  9. I say no to all except the belly cast. :)

  10. I'm a YES to all except the Belly ring.

  11. I love the music idea. I think they really do listen to things well - I mean they are a captive audience after all :)

    The shrink-hips thing...well it looks similar to the belt I wore because my pelvis separated with my third daughter and it really did hold me together well. It might just work at pushing your hips back right after the baby when everything is still loosy goosey for a while. Might be a good idea before things cement back in place at about 6-12 weeks or so!

  12. I'm a grandmother and am so surprised to see the options pregnant moms have these days! I'm having a good laugh over most of these. I do think the designer gown is a cool idea...but I'm a 'don't' on the rest of them...except maybe the music belt. But I think you can surround your baby with music minus the belt anyway.

  13. I might be a Do on that bikini if i looked like her!! lol

    Don't for everything else!

  14. I say yes on the bikini and the belly cast, the other stuff, not really my thing. Baby bellies are fantastic and adorable and should be shown off with pride!


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