Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday Mornings...

Saturday mornings are for the pressure-free at heart.  No commitments.  No worries.  No to-do-lists.  Stay in your jammies as long as you wish.  Cuddle in cool sheets with little ones listening to endless chatter.  Let the dishes pile up for awhile... no one will miss them.

Let your coffee mug linger on your cheek as its warmth calms your soul...

and just breathe...



  1. I love Saturday mornings for alot of the same reasons.

  2. Very sweet pictures :)
    I love Saturday mornings too, even though my husband always works!

  3. O my goodness...I love your blog!!!! How refreshing to see these beautiful photographs of your gifts from the Lord!

  4. Beautiful captures! Love me some Saturday mornings too!

  5. Love it! Love it! Wish every Saturday morning could be this way...thanks for sharing this calming post...and pix of your precious babes. How ya feelin? =)

  6. Beautiful post and sweet photos! :)


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