Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Standing Up For What's Right Should Never Look Ugly

We get on our soapbox like it's ours to own.  Head held high, chin up, feet firm.  We do not waiver.  Pride is the fuel that ignites the passion.  I call it something different.  Something more patible to the self-esteem.

Even when standing up for what we think is right, there is a caution.  Take heed lest ye fall.  You (I) do not have the final answer in any matter.

God has, and always will have, the final answer... we are just instruments of His love and grace. 

So remain true to your convictions.  Stand firm.  But never be ugly about it.  It is simply not Christ-like.  It's actually the opposite.

Hang up your gloves...



  1. So true! Thanks for this great post!

  2. AMEN! I often cringe and think "OH NO!" When people start brutally hacking away at others in the name of God.
    I imagine God cringing too.
    Thank you - Great post!

  3. Great post Traci!!

  4. Yes! It isn't always about being right anyway... God is the only perfect one :). There are times that I want to prove my point but I am learning that unless someone is really seeking an answer, arguing is usually pointless. I think there is a Proverbs about that...

  5. Another lovely post full of truth. Thank you Lovely Lady for this great reminder! SOOO true!


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