Thursday, June 23, 2011

Young Boys

A young boy's heart is as free as his steps,

as wild as his jump,

as fierce as his growl,

as tender as his kisses,

as precious as his love for Mama,

as rambunctious as his adventurous spirit,

as mischievous as his grin...

I love my boy.

He will soon grow up to be a man...

I'm praying for him now, that he will be a strong man of God, full of conviction and fervor... yet tender and compassionate;

just like his daddy!

Do you have a little roamer around your house?  What are you praying that he will become?  Look into his eyes when he speaks to you.  Really look... for he will soon be gone in a flash!



  1. Awww really really sweet.

  2. I think that it's SO important to look at your kids when they speak to you. Sometimes it's harder than you think.

    P.S. I got my book! Thanks again!

    Dana @Calverette Chronicles

  3. Warms the heart! I love talking with our little roamers! We are praying that they will be men that are strong in their relationships with God and find joy in serving Him in whatever way that God calls them to do.

    Dancing at the foot of the Cross,

    Mrs Mary Joy Pershing

  4. yes, my husband always askes me what it was that attracted me to him? and of course his eyes....I always look right into a persons eyes, they are the windows to people's souls!!! Thank you, Traci!

  5. Such beautiful photos! I love that you are praying for your son's future.


  6. Great post..ditto, ditto...they grow so fast then they are looking down at you! Enjoy, enjoy...I am holding fast to my last one...the other four are over 6 feet.

    Precious pictures.

  7. Beautiful true...I continue to pray for our son to become the man of God that he is destined and designed by God to day he will be a husband, and so I pray that he loves his wife as Christ loves the church...I pray for my daughter and her fervent love for God to be passionately lit continually and it will transcend upon her husband who will lavishly love God and in turn love her the way she must be loved. Thank you for this beautiful post...a beautiful reminder of what we are called to do on behalf of God's children and the gifts He has freely bestowed upon us.

  8. You capture your children so beautifully! I pray for my sons, that they would have hearts after God, like David did. That no matter what comes their way, they will fix their eyes on the Lord at all times. Also that they would be men of integrity and lead their families will. So much more that I pray, but I would take up an entire page!


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