Tuesday, July 26, 2011


So, Riley and I went to Lowes Saturday afternoon to buy paint for the nursery. While in line waiting for someone to take our order a lady about 15 ft away was mumbling to herself about thinking she lost her credit card.

About 2 seconds later she starts ranting and raving about "Rochester people" and how "Rochester people" are so rude and never help. She then practically drags the poor girl behind the paint counter from her job and demands that she help her search for her credit card.

{my mouth might have been wide open at this time}

Huffing and puffing, 2 minutes later, no card to be found. She then says, "I JUST KNOW someone stole my credit card... that's what people do in Rochester, not where I'm from"...

2 seconds later someone points out to her that her credit card is stuck under her ARM PIT!

{i might have laughed out loud at this point}

Stuck up has dual meaning in this story...



  1. ROFL:D!!

    Oh my word! That's hilarious, Traci!

    Yes, everyone thinks we northerners are "stuck up" Whether from New York or New England.

    You are so funny! Northerners may be stuck up but our sense of humor more than makes up for it:)

    I hope you have been doing well with your pregnancy. Almost time already?! From my perspective, it has gone by fast, but perhaps you feel differently ;)

  2. WOW!! My mouth was dropped the entire time I was reading this post! Thank goodness I wasn't there or I wouldn't be able to help staring at her with shock and disappointment that someone could be that way!! Wow.

  3. Some people! I can just see her huffing and puffing. I hope someone never writes a blog about me acting that way in public. God, please help me to keep my eyes on you!

  4. Okay, I am laughing out loud!

    But seriously, it is sad that people automatically get upset and accuse before knowing the truth.

  5. To paraphrase Forrest Gump, 'Ugly is as ugly does!'. I hate it when people act like that!

  6. That is hilarious. Amazes me how some people act in public.

  7. Wow, some people!
    I probably would have laughed as well!

    -Mandee http://raisingmy5sons.com

  8. Ugh....some people!

  9. Two stinking funny!

  10. Wow! People are just so rude. Ha.

    Thanks for the giggle!


  11. Oh my word! That is SOOOOOO funny!!!! Don't you love it when life pays people back??? haha!

  12. Now, a little bit of grace goes a long way. It is hard to move to a new city and the poor lady (who did behave badly, but don't we all at some point) was probably lonely, tired, flustered, hungry, and any myriad of other human emotions that can attack us at times. Please don't be offended at my comment, it is just that I have many times been the new person in a new place and it is very discombobulating.


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