Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Throwing A Party!

Are you planning to throw a birthday party or baby shower?  Get some awesome party suppies @ Party Pail!

Party supply sale through the end of July! (10% off)

coupon code: wild-safari-summer-11

coupon code: wild-safari-summer-11

coupon code: wild-safari-summer-11


Don't take my word for it... go visit PARTY PAIL for more awesome ideas for your party.  Don't pick a theme that everyone's done... be original! 

FIND PARTY PAIL on FACEBOOK HERE.  Would you "like" them? 

Also, answer this fun question:  How much time do you give yourself to plan a party?

a) One day
b) One week
c) One month
d) Three months



  1. Very cute stuff! I am actually hosting my son's 7th birthday this's a Backyard Beach Birthday Bash! I do it all myself (as I do all my parties) but this one, I will admit, is a little over the top...we invite the entire families to this 1 party every this year we have 75 people coming....This party took me 4 months to do...can't wait to share it on Sunday...


  2. What fun! I prefer having as long as possible to plan a party, 3 months sounds good to me =)

  3. Absolutely A.DOR.ABLE stuff! I love to throw a good party...and usually want atleast a month to come up with fun and festive ideas. Thanks for sharing this great company...I 'like'd them at FB.

  4. Thanks Traci, I just placed an order for my daughter's baby shower in October. I can now mark the party supplies off my list! I have two months to pull it all together, so does that make my answer C.5? Blessings!


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