Thursday, August 18, 2011

Finding Inspiration In The Quiet

Sometimes doing the good things {aka: going to church, doing our quiet time, taking care of our little ones, loving on our hubbies} doesn't allow us to really hear from HIM in a way that we can in solitude.

Don't get me wrong, all those things are good, necessary, and all purposeful in holy living, before our Lord.  Keep doing them.

But if you get a chance... even for an hour... to get alone...

1) Put on some good music.
Need I say more?

2) Write.  Journal.
Scratch out your soul onto some paper.  You never know what's buried under all that clutter in your heart. 

3) Cry.
Have you had a good cry in awhile?  Maybe this should be first on your list.  Sometimes our emotions are so bottled up there is no room for inspiration.  

4) Talk to God.  Yes, it's called prayer...
But not the kind that is forced.  True communion with your Abba Father.  Confess your sin... and run to Him... His arms are always open wide.  His grace and mercy is always spectacular and beautiful. 

5) Create something.
I've said it before.  "I'm not creative".  But we all are.  In some way.

6) Jot down some quotes from your favorite book.
Pull that book off your shelf.  Or your Kindle these days.  Jot down some quotes and post it in your bathroom, bedroom, or above your kitchen sink.  

7) Cut out pictures from a magazine.
Do you have a project, a room to decorate, etc?  Don't know where to start?  Pick up some old magazines or surf the net for some great ideas.  Then... make them your own... with your own, unique flair!

8) Look through old pictures.
Take a walk down memory lane... it's good for the nostalgic soul.

9) Go for a walk and take some pictures.
You don't have to be a photographer or even have a great camera to take pictures.  Snap away... you'll be surprised what you choose to capture through that lens. 

10) Get off the computer.
You heard me.  It will be good for you ... if that laptop has become an extra appendage... {he - hum}

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  1. Wonderful encouragement! I love getting alone with Jesus and praising Him.

  2. so very true, so very true, how are you feeling this morning

  3. so very true, the music is my trick. gets me to the right spot each time

  4. Great ideas! They all appeal to me. Seems like to do even one of them would help me come away refreshed in spirit and in my relationship with Jesus. Thanks!
    Pam at

  5. Good advice, I think I need to schedule a me and God date!

  6. Awesome. I've been doing lots of 1 and 2 lately. And the computer off thing. It zaps me of energy wheen I spend too much time on it, so yesterday I got on in the morning to do my online devotional and check emails, and then stayed off all day. It was so nice ! Especially staying off of Facebook,which is the biggest time-sucker ever, has been good.

  7. Great encouragement, Traci! As I'm writing this, the song, Still, by Hillsong, is playing in the background. "Father, you are King over the flood. I will be still and know you are God." Love it!
    Praying for you sister. :)

  8. Great ideas for alone time, Traci.

    I hope you are doing well and that you are getting to do some of the things on that list before your little one comes?
    Just a couple of weeks away! It's hard to believe.

    Have a blessed weekend, Traci!

  9. yep the cry thing has been happening a lot lately. i should be good and flushed out;) great words of truth there girlie. love this post.

  10. Beautiful post! Great words of advice. Your photos are lovely. Love the contrast between the grass & the sky.

  11. Thank you Sweet Traci for sharing these simple, yet power packed thoughts. I was blessed just to read through the comments. Yes, alone time with Jesus is SUCH a good thing - I really should do more of it. Take good care Girlfriend and have a great weekend.

  12. Wonderful ideas. I've done #3 a few times this week. My first year homeschooling and with a full-time job. What have I gotten myself into? I need to get out and do #9. Must get more exercise.


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