Friday, August 26, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Older

Prompt word: Older.

Go HERE to get the details.  You write for 5 minutes.  Just write... without thinking or editing your words.  


I want to grow older with YOU!  {my love}
After almost 7 years of marriage, I love you so much more.

With passionate sincerity.

I texted you the other day... that I'm so glad you are mine and that I didn't know what I'd do without you.  That I loved you.

I pray we always share this passionate, sincere, Christ-centered love.  

I want to grow Older with you.  Not just Old, but Older...

because it's all about the journey!

I want to be one of those cute, adorable, elderly couples walking hand-in-hand, and stealing sloppy smooches from one another.  

And as our bones creak and ache loud above the sound of our rocking chairs on that white, chipped front porch, may we always look at one another and just...





  1. Enjoy the journey. Because you're right, that's the important part, not how old we become. Your post brought back sweet memories of the early years of my marrige. The sometimes rocky road that smoothed out because we were walking it together, helping each other over the rough spots. Your words would be nice inside an anniversary card. ~Nita

    PS - what in the world is google friend?

  2. Lovely post, Traci. After 37 years I could have sent the same text to my husband. Your words fit our feelings perfectly. Thanks for sharing!
    Pam at

  3. This is so sweet! Glad that you are so focused on your love and can picture the future:)!


  4. Beautiful post! And love that pic of the rocking chairs!

  5. Beautiful thoughts and words, Traci. :) My hubby and I will celebrate 22 years in a couple of weeks. It does keep getting better.

  6. Super sweet, lovely, lovely. BTW I just sent my hubby the same text, can't wait to see what he says back.

  7. That's beautiful! You are really good at these five minute Fridays!

    (Double that since you are about to give birth any day!)

    Hope all is going well with you! Have a blessed weekend!

  8. Perfect! I love where you went with older! I'm so thankful for my husband also and there's no one I'd rather grow older with!

  9. AAWWW Traci! SO sweet! I could express those same words to my precious love of 43+ years. Our living room chairs sit next to each other still so we can hold hands as we watch tv.;-} The rocking chairs are perfect! Thanks for being a beautiful inspiration! XO

  10. Thank you for visiting:O) And becoming a follower:O)Congrats on upcoming Baby:O) I have three boys and they are my Life:O)

  11. Beautiful words today!

  12. Beautiful. And thank you for your encouraging words on my post. That is what keeps those who have lost going..people who reach out. Thank you again. jenn

  13. So nice to meet you on my blog. :) Your post made me think of a wonderful book by Warren Hanson called "Older Love". He signed it and gave it to me when I burst into tears as I told him I hoped and prayed my dear husband and I could someday achieve an older love. You see, it was almost ten years ago, not long after I'd wrapped up chemo for ovarian cancer. Well, praise God, eleven years after my diagnosis, I'm still here and doing great! He gave us a miracle and healed me!

    Anyway, I agree that older love is a beautiful thing and something to be celebrated. :)

    Blessings to you!

  14. Love this! Great writing. So so sweet.


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