Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Molluscum Contagiosum... Have you heard of it?

Molluscum Contagiosum... have you heard of itMost likely (if you were like me) you didn't know about it until your kids got this nastiness!

That's all I can describe it as... nasty!  Vicious.  Annoying!  

Molluscum is a viral infection of the skin.  It is caused by the poxvirus.  Your kiddos can pick it up pretty much anywhere... parks, schools, etc.  And guess what?  It's pretty common!

I first noticed it on the bend of her inner forearm.  There were about 5-8 contained tiny raised bumps.  They were not red or irritated but I took her to the doctor to inquire about what it might be.  Her pediatrician told her that it was, indeed, Molluscum.  She said that this virus could last anywhere from 3 months - 5 years!  

That's right... you read that right ---- 5 years! 

Our options were we could do nothing and let her body fight it off eventually... or take her to the dermatologist to have them treated.  After 6 months of doing nothing, we tried other options.

Before we went that route I searched and searched and searched on the Internet for "natural" options.  I tried apple cider vinegar baths, Zyma Derm, and Anti Molluscum.  Nothing seemed to work. 

After 6-8 months of nothing working, we took her to the dermatologist.  They gave her 2 treatments of Catharidin... ($120 a visit) a painless, blistering treatment found in a type of beetle.  After the first and second treatment, maybe one or two bumps went away on her arm and then spread to her belly and torso!  UGGGGGGGGGG!

We then tried going to a different dermatologist who specialized in Cryotherapy (aka using extreme cold -300 degrees) to freeze the bumps one by one.
I took my daughter 3-4 times ($125 a pop) to have this treatment.  She cried and cried and cried and by the 4th treatment I felt like an awful mom and I cried too.  It did get rid of a few on the center of her arm, but they left scars.  It also did nothing but spread and spread the bumps!  

It had now been over a year of this madness, and I was fed up!  Riley and our family prayed and prayed over this, asking to be healed!  It had now spread into her private areas (front and back) and was irritated and blistering!  Oh I felt awful, desperate, and at the end of my rope!   

With a new baby coming into our household, it was my prayer that we could get rid of this before the new baby came.  I also did not want her spreading it to anyone else.

One day my husband texted me from work to tell me about a site that his secretary found.  It was a natural treatment for Molluscum that incorporated Tea Tree Oil and a Silver agent called SILVERCURE!

Understandably I was still a little skeptical but I decided to check it out.  I gave the company a call and they sent me a package deal at a discounted rate to try out on Riley see if it worked.  
This is the picture on the SILVERCURE website and all I can say is, this is exactly how our family feels after using the SILVERCURE products.

After using the SILVERCURE spray, pen, and cream for just 2 DAYS, we saw a noticeable difference!  Day by day we continued to use this "miracle product" for our family, and more bumps went away.  

After just 2 1/2 weeks of spraying her down with the spray, rubbing the cream on her bumps, and using the pen for her big bumps, ALL OF HER BUMPS WERE GONE!  It not only got rid of the bumps, but it left her skin so soft ans smooth!  Here are some before and after pictures.  If you could see the bumps that were in the more private areas of her body, you would be amazed at the difference it makes!

If your child is suffering from Molluscum Contagiosum, you need to try the SILVERCURE products!  They are amazing!  I'm going to be telling my pediatrician and dermatologist about this product for sure!


  1. Praise God! I agree about the Silvercure... my friend's son had a flesh-eating bacteria (I can't remember the exact name) and was hospitalized. She heard abou the Silvercure but the doctors wouldn't try it, so she put it on him herself. It worked. (I'm not a doctor and I'm not recommending this, it just worked for her)

  2. I can testify that this was an amazing cure! Riley is my niece and I saw the devistation that this horrible virus did to her precious little body! Traci tried everything and nothing was working... when she was at the end of herself, God brought her this cure! His grace is sufficient and I am so thankful for this silvercure so that Riley and Carson could get some relief from it! Her skin is so healed it is smooth to the touch! Amazing stuff!

  3. As Grammie of this precious Angel, I can only tell you I was brought to tears by the amazing improvement in our little girl. It was truly an answer to prayer...she seems so much happier and confident too. What a RAPID blessing! So soft, so flat was her skin once more...Praise the Lord for this product!!!!!!!! I am wondering too if it would work on staph infections of the skin?!
    Such relief!
    With much gratitude,
    Grammie Tami~

  4. Traci, I saw your comment on my blog today. I so appreciate you sharing this with me. My daughter & I battled Molluscum for over a year and like you it seemed some treatments make one area better only to spread like wildfire to another! Fortunately for us when I took her to the pediatrician for the 2nd time to discuss it I insisted he freeze them (he didn't recommend it)it worked! After about 2 weeks they were completely gone. My younger daughter has now had a few isolated dots pop up which I will be watching closely. I will definately keep this product in mind. Thanks a bunch!!

  5. Wow, that is amazing! PTL! I'm going to bookmark that Silvercure page for future reference! Thanks so much for sharing your story! It's amazing how your daughter looks before and after! Amazing!

  6. Oh my goodness, that poor baby! I am so thankful that you found this silver product to treat it..... AMAZING

  7. Praising God for this! Sometimes His healing comes through medication. How awesome that he lead the coworker to the site and this helped. Praise God!

  8. I thought I was the only one with a child suffering from molluscum on her private area. I know the misery you describe. It's been over a year. Thank you SO much for recommending this treatment. I will definitely check it out!
    Dana @Calverette Chronicles

  9. Traci.. thank you for sharing this. I'm so glad your little one is better. Praise God for answering your prayers! I'll have to check out this Silvercure myself.. my second daughter has had a problem with her skin and the dermatologist told us there was no cure.

    God bless you and your upcoming delivery.

  10. Wow! All of my kids have had a few of these bumps, and one had a "treatment" at the pediatrician's office to deal with about 35 bumps. That seemed to do the trick, and now I only see a couple random bumps between all the kids. I'll be more careful about sharing towels and re-using towels. I didn't realize how severe the cases could become! And I'm so glad you found this product. I'll keep it in mind in case I need to deal with an outbreak again.

  11. Such frustration...for so long! Praising God with you you've gotten answers and a cure. Bless the Lord! You take good care - so thankful you have one less thing to be concerned about...with that little one coming any time. XO

  12. Anonymous10:11 AM

    I bought this about seven years ago, for my daughter. Never took her to the doctor, but did lots and lots of research about these "mysterious bumps". She had had them for almost a year, and after squeezing the middle root out and appling this cream, (must warn, that they do bleed alot, so if you do pull the root, have bandaids handy!!) they were all gone in less than two months!! Three of my four kids have had this, and as soon as i spot a bump, after determining whether or not it is simply a wart, silvercure is the first ointment on it!!


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