Wednesday, September 21, 2011

7 Tips For A Clean Inbox

7 simple and practical tips for keeping your email inbox clean.

1) DELETE!  Delete emails that you finish reading or know you won't read.
2) UNSUBSCRIBE.  Unsubscribe to those sites that you don't stay up to date with or just subscribed to for a temporary reason.
3) STOP SCROLLING.  If you have to scroll down, there are too many emails in your inbox.  This takes daily de-cluttering, I know.  But it only takes a moment.  I think that my screen fits about 29 emails on my screen without having to scroll down.
4) USE YOUR FOLDERS.  Create folders for important emails that you will need to refer back to.  
5) SPAM IT!  Those pesky emails that you keep getting?  Mark them as spam and send them to the dreaded trash bin.
6) SAY NO TO NOTIFICATIONS.  You don't need to be notified when someone comments on your facebook wall, twitter feed, or blog.  Take off all the unnecessary notifications.
7) RESPOND RIGHT AWAY.  If you are like me, many times you think "oh, I'll get back to that person later" and you leave their email sitting in your inbox.  Either respond right away, or have a folder labeled "Respond Later Today"... Don't let email sit in your inbox to rot and be forgotten about.



  1. Love this post! I learn to delete, and loving my clean and emptied inbox :-)

  2. Great post. I HATE clutter of any kind and that include in my inbox! :)

  3. Folders should be number one, with filters to get the important stuff automatically filed in their folders.
    I only delete spam and junk. Everything else should be filed. you never know when you are gonna need that email for reference.

  4. ouch! i so need to do that!! i can SCROLL;)


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