Friday, September 23, 2011

Mommy Of 3 Moment

These posts will be about the crazy things that happen around my home, now being a mother of 3!

My friend Amy says, "kids kill brain cells but add lots of love!"

Carson (our 2 year old son) came up to me in the kitchen today and said, "Grant didn't want my animal cracker."  (Grant is our 3 week old baby) 
aka: #mommymortification

While trying to make a simple batch of out-of-the box brownies, I managed to add 3 eggs instead of 1.  I even added frosting to those bad boys, and they still taste nasty!  aka:#diettrickforsillymommies



  1. Kids keep life interesting, that's for sure. ;) Enjoy every minute of your crazy, love-filled life. Many blessings, Traci!

  2. Oh I use to catch my toddler (when she was one) trying to feed the baby everything. I was so afraid to step foot out of the house. I use to take the baby in his car seat with me into the bathroom while I showered, just to keep him safe.

    I'll never forget the day when I put the ice cream away in the refrigerator. My kids were so disappointed.

  3. LOL!! I love it!! I'm right there with ya honey! Keep em' comin'...we'll laugh about it to keep from cryin'. Maybe if I read all of yours then mine won't seem so bad. ;) Like the fact that my little darling locked my keys in my car this morning...on my birthday I might add.

  4. I am pregnant with #3 and look forward to the crazy, busy silliness. But the poor baby will have 2 big sisters to torment, i mean love it from the get go =o)


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