Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Riley's First Day Of School!

Riley did awesome and she was so excited.  She kept saying, "when is the bus going to get here?"

On the other hand, Mommy and Daddy broke down in tears when the bus pulled away!  

Where does the time go?



  1. Love the pictures, thanks Traci! Those bus cookies were such a cute idea :)

  2. Oh my...Grammie's eyes are wet.
    I cannot believe this. What?!
    Love the little sweater, outfit, leggings,shoes,socks,smile,hair....pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!

  3. Grammie's eyes are wet now...I just cannot believe this!?
    Love the outfit, cropped sweater, leggings, shoes,socks,backpack,smile,pose..
    Stop it right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Riley is beautiful - how exciting for her! I understand this is hard for you, but you're doing great. :)
    Many blessings, Traci!

  5. Is it a blessing that God gave you Grant just as Riley set off for school! He always knows just what we need.
    Pam at

  6. Sweet! She sounds so excited! I hope she had a great time!


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