Wednesday, September 14, 2011

When You Feel Like Your Day Isn't Productive

When you feel like you are behind,
when you just can't catch up with your own thoughts swirling around in your head...

When you clean up the same mess 10 times throughout the day, only to bend down and clean it up an 11th time...

When your patience is thinning to almost nil',
and you feel as though you just might break...

When all you do seems to not be good enough,
and kids fight, the dog makes a mess, and diapers blow...

Close your eyes... and say a little prayer...

Lord give me strength.  You are the author of my day.  May I look to you for every ounce of might and purpose.  When I feel like I'm not getting ahead in my day, may I remember that I just need to glorify you in the LIVING.


  1. Need to remind myself of this SO often!

  2. I think I've whispered that prayer more than a few times ;)
    Bless your little family, Traci! How wonderful!

  3. Thank you for refocusing me today...I so needed it.

  4. I really needed this today. Thank you for this post, Traci.

  5. Perfect! Just what I needed this morning....XO


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