Thursday, November 17, 2011

Insecurities Hinder Friendship

Your eyes scan the room.  You see not one familiar face, just a sea of strangers.

Oh man, she's so beautiful and outgoing, we'd never have anything in common.  Look at her high heels, and white teeth, and hair, and oh-if-I-just-had-that-outfit, and...

You look down at your worn t-shirt and jeans, and you wish you'd put on those earrings and didn't go with the messy-bun look, again.

Instead of getting to know her, you keep to yourself and eat another piece of that juicy apple pie.  Alone.  


Is it just me, or have you been there?  Maybe not this exact scenario, but have you ever judged another women by the way she looks?  Have your own insecurities gotten in the way of getting to know someone new?

I've been there.  But what happens when you forget about YOU and reach out and get to know someone new?  

Well goodness, they aren't at all how I pictured them to be! 

And oh, we do have so much in common!

And, wow... they are so encouraging in my walk with the Lord.  

Are you letting your insecurities hinder you from a great new friend?  A best friend, even?

1. Stop worrying about you, and reach out to others.
2. Don't judge a person at first glance.
3. Get to know people, you might make some life-long friendships!
4. You may even gain a laugh-till-your-tummy-hurts-and-milk-comes-out-of-your-nose FRIEND!

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  1. Great encouragement!

  2. Love this, Traci!

  3. Awesome post Traci! I've been there too, and am thankful God has helped me to 'grow up' and let go of my insecurity. I'm secure in HIM! =) Please stop by my blog and check out a giveaway going on. Enjoy your are <3!

  4. Oh Traci! I have missed reading your blog posts lately. I stepped away from blogworld for a while. But I have been catching up on your posts, and girl, you have encouraged me so much tonight. And your new addition is beautiful! :)


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