Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Letting Go Of The Holiday Stress

It's not a written rule that I must send out Christmas cards.  Christmas will still go on.  It will all be okay.  In my mind, I've written this rule, "I must send out Christmas cards."  Unnecessary rules cause stress.

What are some unnecessary rules that are stressing YOU out this year?  All those things on your to-do-list that "must be done".  Must they?  No, seriously... ask yourself these questions:

1) What can I do without this Christmas Season that will help alleviate some stress?

2) What are 5 things I would really like to focus on this Christmas Season?

3) What can our family do as a whole to reach out to others this Christmas Season?

How are you managing stress this time of year?  As women, sometimes we think we need to do it all.  Did you know, there is no such thing as a perfect, Norman Rockwell, Christmas?  

Sometimes, in the striving for a perfectly decorated home, cookies baking in the oven, happy-go-lucky-picture-perfect-family, we can actually miss the true meaning of Christmas entirely.

How about giving yourself a gift... give yourself permission to "let go" of some of your written rules, and enjoy this time of year.  Your family will thank you... 

I'm letting go of Christmas Cards this year... {big sigh of relief}

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  1. Stressful holidays make for miserable ones. I want to enjoy my holiday season. I rarely send out Christmas cards. And when I do, I only send out a small number.

  2. So many unwritten rules we put on ourselves. Isn't it wonderful that God allows us to make up these wonderful silly rules, just so when we get older (and wiser) we don't have to follow them?

    Great post!! Love it!

  3. If the photo is of your place, well, it already looks perfect to me.

    I tend to only send a Christmas card after receiving one from someone else, and sometimes not at all. I try to take my lead from what the children want to do rather than traditions. Tends to be too hot here to fuss with the unnecessary.

  4. You go Girl!

    I have a Christmas notebook that I have utilized for 7 years that keeps me stress free. I keep it in my nightstand all year long.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. I hate to say it but I haven't done Christmas cards in SO many years and it is a WONDERFUL relief! I don't expect cards and I don't expect gifts either. ;) I'd rather have a sweet friendship and time spent together.

  6. I had that same choked up stress over cards one year. I responded by buying a some chickens through World Vision in honor of my friends and family. World Vision has the option of sending an e-card letting people know you donated in their honor. I sent an e-card to everyone on my Christmas card list letting them know instead of sending Christmas cards I had given the gift of hope to someone in need in their honor. I had a great response from people who loved the idea. It saved me money, took less time, and had greater eternal value!

  7. No cards for me too this year. My son is away in college and we never had time for a family photo... Sad, but maybe this will help break one stressful routine.

    love your blog!!


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