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Wonderful Advice From A Mother of 10 Children

Guest Post- September Mccarthy of

you won't wanna miss this wisdom:

I am a mom to many.   Many children, many gray hairs, many dirty dishes, many all-night shifts.  I am also a mom to many moments full of laughter, many warm hugs, many “I love you mom,” and many amazing rewards that come with many children. Motherhood is a gift. It is not something learned, perfected, or even appreciated over-night. It grows on you. And it surely grew on me. After 22 years of marriage to the same wonderful man, 21 years of motherhood and counting, and 10 children here to raise for the Lord… I undoubtedly know… children are a blessing from Him. 


Our life has its moments of hilarious laughter, days full of non-stop work, and years of trials and blessings, but through it all we have each other. But more importantly, we have the Lord! And HE is what holds us all together. A mom raising a large family is like being 5 people at once…or maybe even more than 5! It is not all too uncommon for me to be homeschooling, changing a diaper, listening for the oven-timer to go off, texting my husband about evening plans, and this is all while I am folding laundry. No joke. This was today. Just the morning. Life is continually moving. It is a perpetual motion of joy, concern, learning, and understanding. You learn to think it is normal; because it is… for us. Here are few areas that might encourage any one raising a family... of any size. 

One of the largest areas of mothering I have found to be so important in my days, is being consistent in what we do, what we require, and what the children learn. A few examples would be regular nap-times, ( quiet times), regular devotions and Bible teaching, consistent expectations for behavior, and regular meal schedules as a family. These basics give your children a CORE of daily life habits that will follow them into adult life. 

 Rooted from understanding of what the Bible says…teaching our children what the Bible teaches, rather than “because I told you to,” will increase their understanding of a Faith that they make their own, rather than "these are my parents rules."

 3.)Healthy Living:
Keeping your family healthy is a big responsibility.  It is a learning process that requires diligence. It will save you long nights, sick children, and doctor's visits. Simplifying your life in the long-run. Begin the journey of learning healthy living for your family as soon as you can! 

 4.)Teaching your Children Responsibility:
Often I meet mom’s who are doing “it all.” This is when I try and remind them that if you want to raise responsible adults, then you need to train them to be diligent and help at home when they are young. Let them help. Find a chore system that works for your family.  Implementing it takes a little time, follow-through, and patience, but it truly simplifies your life and will ingrains life-long skills in your children.

 For example Our children all rotate weekly the chores we have laid out as a family. We have broken the home down into zones, which consist of Laundry, Kitchen, Bathrooms, Garbages, Living Room, etc. They all take part in these jobs, in addition to cleaning and caring for their own personal space.

5.) Remember you are married:
A real relationship, and time with your spouse has to come first. Incorporating WEEKLY date times with your spouse, and regular signs of appreciation will keep your communication current.  This will help keep the family running also. 

It is easy to let mothering your family overwhelm you. Yes, there is laundry, dishes, music lessons, meal preparations, their spiritual needs, the endless hours of teaching, and more… but remembering that God is really only expecting ONE thing from you…. To raise them in His fear and admonition… all of the “other stuff” can be broken down into a routine; some things you may even have to “let go.” 

7.)Finding Humor and Blessings in Each and Every Day:
Talk to the Lord, when you are driving, folding clothes, feeding your babies, homeschooling, and when rising in the mornings… He will TRULY guide and sustain you when the days are rough and rocky. See the humor in situations that would normally frustrate you. Think about those that don’t have such free entertainment, and little rosy, cherub cheeks to kiss and cuddle. When you are listening to that child outside your shower curtain, as they jabber about their missing toy, and wanting a snack.  Or when your teenager is staying up late to talk, and needs help typing a report.  It is then, to see those times as OPPORTUNITIES, not drudgery. Mothering a large family is truly rewarding, and yes, a lot of work. There is no denying that. But, that family is what you can take to Heaven, and so invest now. Don’t wait. I have learned that motherhood is not ALL about being the “best mom,” but more importantly, Who I am in Christ. 

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  1. cindy eckert6:50 PM

    of course...i love this:):) what an awesome woman. And you are too!!!

  2. thank you for sharing your tips, many I do employ, but there is always room to improve in my home!

  3. I'm sure this post will be encouraging and helpful to many women. :) Sometimes we just need a reminder to keep working at it... keep setting goals... keep making routines... keep trying... but above all, keep loving our children and leading them to the One who makes the biggest difference - Jesus Christ!


  4. Wow she is amazing!! What a great post!

  5. I follow September's blog. She is truly amazing. These are wonderful tips shared here today.

  6. Awesome post Wow ;) I love your blog and all the wisdom you share

  7. Wonderful post, September. Thank you for these excellent words of encouragement for mothers of any sized family! It is important for us to remember to treasure these fleeting moments with our children and not think of them as "drudgery". What a gift those nights our teenagers do want to stay up late talking. I never want to miss it. Much love to you...

  8. Thank you for your wisdom! It is so refreshing to hear a mommy of many rejoice in the mess and mayhem! I appreciate your words of encouragement!

  9. What an encouraging honest post! I feel the same way about going 5 things at once. It can overwhelm! But you are right, God holds us together and when I fall short He fills in the gaps!



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