Monday, October 31, 2011

On Beauty And Why The Scale Lies To You

Sitting at tables round, my eyes scan the room.  I fidget in my chair that is uncomfortable, but not as much my insides.  I pull tiny curl behind my ear, and fluff my shirt to hide the rolls that three babes have graced my body with.

I see thin women, the ones that eat and eat till they are blue in the face and seem to still look pretty and put together.  I cringe with envy and my eyes hit the floor with guilt.  

I think about how I ate that cupcake, with the frosting that is thick and gooey and how it must be sticking to my thighs this very moment.  I imagine getting on scale that glares with red, UP THREE POUNDS.  

My spirit sinks...

I use to be like this... a woman that felt condemned, never good enough, defined by food and body image and numbers and...  

not anymore...

Christ continues to free me in this area.  He has redeemed me and He calls me beautiful... big-boned and all.  He crafted me, the painter-of-the-universe, and He calls me perfect.  He held that brush, that made each curve that I call an imperfection, and He calls it beautiful.  

He made you beautiful, dear sister.  What has He gifted you to do?  Do you feel defeated and condemned?  This is not from Him.  He wants you to live a life of freedom, because He paid for it all.  It is not about us.  It is all about Him, through us.  

So stop looking into that mirror that causes your spirit to stoop...  stop stepping on that scale and feeling the ugly shame that comes from it.  

It is simply a frozen moment in time and you are far more beautiful than your realize.  You are far more beautiful than you realize.  You are far more beautiful... 

Stop looking at that sister, whose house is perfect and put together, and yours is full of toys, and crumbs, and finger prints on clouded windows...

for you are living the life God gave you... right now... and He wants you to be joy-filled, and abundantly blessed by Him...  the only one who can truly satisfy our emptiness.  

I'm continuing to learn this thing of beauty...  I've written about it before here and here and here.  May God sanctify you in the areas that are making you more like Himself... for He says, it is He that works in you, both to will and to do of His good pleasure (Phil 2:13).

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Peak Of Autumn-Capturing Beauty

Winner from last week's CAPTURING BEAUTY:

Here are my pictures... I went for a lovely walk today...

Don't forget to slow down... and take in all the beauty around you!  LINK UP BELOW:

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

How To Throw A Rapunzel Party!

I love everything about planning and throwing a birthday party!  For our daughter's 5th birthday she requested a Rapunzel party, based on the Disney movie Tangled.  If you haven't seen it, it's super cute!  Come along with me and see how you can throw your little princess a Rapunzel party too!


1. Start searching for ideas online a month (or more) in advance.  Or, just watch the movie 1,000 times with your soon to be 5 year old!
2. Save your ideas in a Word doc.
3. Make to do lists to plan out your month.
4. Make a list of who you will invite.  
5. Send out invites 3-4 weeks ahead of time.
6. Make a schedule of events for the party.
7. Make a shopping list of things you will need.  
8. Keep your eyes open for great deals online and in stores.
9. Make the cake the night before the big birthday bash.
10. Get a good night sleep the night before!

(Just pick any tangled image online and create your 
own FREE invite in your favorite editing program!) 

*Send them out by email and/or 
give in person by printing on card stock paper.


10-10:15 (Children color pages as they come in).
10:15-10:45 (Play games).
10:45-11:30 (Open gifts).
11:30-12:00 (Eat lunch and cake).
12:00-12:15 (Game time filler).
12:15-12:30 (Pass out favor bags to children as they leave).
*We ended up watching 20 minutes of the Tangled movie at the end of the party.


Rapunzel Dress of course!  

I bought this pattern on ebay:

 and my mom made our daughter's dress (I so wish I knew how to sew but I don't).  Isn't it fabulous? 


Large Rapunzel Braid

Used two colors of yellow yard and grouped 3 sections of 12 pieces of 18 ft. strands.  Tape down the top and braid.  Tie a piece of purple ribbon to the end.

(purchased for 4.99 at The Christmas Tree Shop)

Jello Boats

Sun Bunting Pattern for Jello Bowls
(CLICK HERE for pattern)

I found these little bowls at the Christmas Tree Shop (2 for $1.00):

Used these "charms" for confetti for the table instead - printed on card stock paper.

Pascal Blowers 
Tangled Theme Paper/Plastic Products
(Found at our local Walmart)

(Download Here) 
(and more pages HERE)

Tangled Bookmark
Jello Boats
(These were inspired by the movie's lake scene where Flynn and Rapunzel are out on the boat watching the big lantern send off).


I searched all over for the perfect ideas for a cake. I combined a lot of different ideas and here is how I made it.


I got a bunch of fun girly things like candy, jewelry, stickers, etc and put them in tangled party favor bags...or you can do Rapunzel Paint:
(CLICK HERE for label download).

To label the bags, I simply added text to a Rapunzel image and added "Princess _____________" to the bags.  Print onto cardstock paper, hole punch, and attach to bag with purple ribbon.


Pin The Braid On Rapunzel
(adapted from "pin the frying pan on Flynn Rider")

I thought our version was more fun for girls.  I drew Rapunzel onto a piece of paper, taped it to a magnetic white board.  I tied braids to little magnets:

Each girl was blind folded and took turns trying to pin the braid on Rapunzel's pretty head.  I copied Rapunzel from this image found here on page 2.

Walk Like A Princess
The girls all walked with books on their head back and forth and whoever did it without dropping it won a prize.

Dance Like Rapunzel
I bought the Tangled Soundtrack online and the girls all danced to the music... when the music stopped they froze in place.  

Here's the girls dancing away:


Princess Cards
Hair bows
Rapunzel hair brushes
Other fun girly-stuff



Make Hazelnut Soup 
I thought this was a bit over-the-top for 5-year-olds.  I'm not sure they would even enjoy it?
Hazelnut Soup Recipe.
Rapunzel Craft 
(Pattern & Instructions Here)
Rapunzel Crown
(Pattern & Instructions Here)
Sun Cookies 
(Recipe here).
Rapunzel Paint Favor 
(Pattern found here).
Tower Bean Bag Toss. 
(Make a tower out of a large cardboard box and decorate like Rapunzel's tower.  Have the girls try and toss bean bags into the open window).
Rapunzel Hair Tug of War. 
(I thought this might get a bit out of hand with 10 5-year-olds, lol).


We had about 20 minutes at the end of the party, so we turned on the Tangled movie:


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