Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Little Fingers

Fingers tap away at keys that make a beautiful, harmonious chorus of stories, memories, pain, and triumph.  You keep writing.  Your inadequacies tempt you to close the book, yet something compels you; it beckons, until you turn over your fingers once again to the Potter's Hands.

Did you know there are days I'm tempted to just end this silly thing called a blog?  I mean really, the name is silly enough.  But He is commander and chief of my heart. My will.  My emotions.  I lay it all back in His hands.  For His glory.

If you are compelled, just as I, to keep writing (for your soul craves it and you find that on most days it keeps you sane), keep writing.  

As large flakes of snow float gently to the ground, they settle.  Pretty, yet not made beautiful.  But in the early morning, as the sun shines upon that fallen, fresh snow, it sparkles and shines and reflects.

May we let the love of Jesus shine upon our words.  May our fingers be turned over to the Potter's Hands.  For His glory.

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  1. Such good thoughts on why we write - I identified with what you shared ... thanks!

  2. I needed this today... Thank you!

  3. We are all so thankful for your blog Traci! It really is used so much to encourage and speak to our hearts. Keep writing as the spirit leads and He will have the glory! As you are used by the Lord you will find fulfillment like none other in life! Love you sis!

  4. Sometimes I want to call it quits with my blog too, only because I feel like it can take so much time out of my day and I have a zillion other things to do, but...I just love to write. I have taken a few breaks, but I always come back!


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