Monday, January 23, 2012

Live Like You Were Dying

I'm not talking about the country song, live like you were dying.  I feel the need to urgently talk to you about this.  Really!  Listen up?  If we were face to face, sipping coffee or tea across the table from one another, I would grab your hand and look you in the eyes, and plead with you:

What if you were told you only had one more month to live?  Seriously.  Think about it!  More and more I hear about people getting cancer, or dying in a tragic car accident, or ...  it doesn't really matter how.

Would you speak a little sweeter?  Would things not bother you as much?  Would you be more patient?  Would you let that car next to you go ahead of you as your lanes merge?  Would you take time to enjoy the simple things?  Would you spend less time online and more time with the people right in front of you?  

I know that for me, I would find time to let God's grace overflow from my life.  God's grace, and less of me.  What will you leave your family, friends, and community?  Will they remember Jesus or how you were annoyed by tiny things?  Because, in the light of eternity, they are tiny things...  

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  1. Amen! Very well said. This post is exactly how I feel. You are so right we shouldn't be wasting time on the little things, they don't matter. What matters is our relationship with the Lord, our families, living each day to the fullest and treasuring each moment.

  2. "Because, in the light of eternity, they are tiny things..." Oh, Traci! Those words really hit me. I want to focus on the eternal, eyes locked with God.

    Many blessings!

  3. So relevant, Traci!! I too have had several friends diagnosed with cancer, brain tumors, etc recently & not make it into the treatment phase. I think of my kids without me - or me without them - and just want to CRY. God is GRACIOUS though - and if it were to happen, He'd be right there. However, I would hope it would be "without regrets".

  4. They really are tiny, aren't they... :)

  5. I agree! The last several years the word that keeps coming to my mind is "Don't squander". I don't know if it's b/c I'll be 40 this year or if the Holy Spirit is telling me to "get my house in order", not b/c of death/ dying, but to "make the most of every opportunity". I know that I haven't been doing that; sometimes I feel inadequate and not sure how to. For example, teaching the kids in my daycare about the Bible/ the Lord. It's easier to teach them "school" stuff, like ABC's, etc. but I feel unsure about myself when trying to teach them this important topic. I do talk to them about what I'm reading in the Bible, we sing songs, and watch Bible movies/ cartoons. I feel I should be doing so much more.
    Anyway, thank you for this reminder.

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