Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What Toilet Paper Says About YOU!

On good days I'm #1: Faithful, logical and sensible.

I'm NEVER #2!  It annoys me and I will make the time to turn the roll around the correct way.

#3, well... this is me too, when I'm feeling lazy and slightly ADHD.

I'm NEVER #4... that's just rude lol.

Which one are YOU?

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  1. OOHHHHH, that is GOOD!!! and so ME!!! Thanks for the smiles this morning!!

  2. I have to say #1! Never #2, I also will take the extra time. #3 only in the middle of the night. #4 never! :)

  3. Hilarious - my husband is the faithful and logical one and I'm the one next to it...Fits us both to a T, I must say...LOVE this! SO funny!

  4. Love this! I hope you don't mind that I am linking this post up on my blog today!
    Dana @

  5. HA! I SOOO laughed out loud at this one!

    I'm definitely #1.
    #2 is clearly for crazy people, haha.
    #3 occasionally.
    #4 makes me want to cry!

    Thanks for making us laugh!

  6. I hate to say this but I'm gonna! Number two's caption sounds the most like what people might have said about Jesus while he walked the earth. And yet he was more in touch with reality than anyone~ Not holding a standard of perfection, but carefree and creative and yet not inconsiderate of others! All that from a picture of toilet paper you say? I know I'm a little nuts!


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