Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Before And After Kitchen/Living Room Remodel

View 1 Before:

View 1 Middle:

View 1 After:

View 2 Before:

View 2 After:

View 3 Before:

View 3 Middle:

View 3 After:

View 4 Before:

View 4 Middle:

View 4 After:

View 5 Before:

View 5 Middle:

View 5 After:

View 6 Before:

View 6 Middle:

View 6 After:

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  1. looks beautiful trac!!!! you must really enjoy being home now! :) great work!

  2. Beautiful, Traci & Tim! You guys have done a wonderful job!!!

  3. THAT IS AMAZING!!! So , so, so beautiful! I am so happy for you - you must be overflowing with excitement,,, the changes are awesome! I loved looking through the pictures.. and your choices are perfect! You must feel like you are living in a new home! Thank you so much for sharing,,,, now I can't wait to come visit! AWESOME!

  4. wow that look so pretty now, you must LOVE your renovations ;-)

  5. WOW, looks great!

  6. WOW! It really does look like a totally new house. :) I love the decorations, rug, accent pieces you picked for the living room.

  7. How lovely! You did a wonderful job! We are just about to finish our own family room remodel. I'll have to get some "after" pics up for that. Thanks for the reminder! ;-)

  8. WOW! WOW! & WOW! What a mess, but it was worth it huh? You have great taste - everything is gorgeous!

  9. Wow!! It is gorgeous!!! Great job!


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