Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lose 10 Pounds By Walking

I have learned that walking is the number one thing that helps me lose weight (as far as exercise goes).  Not to mention it is one of the easiest and cheapest forms of exercise!  Who doesn't love EASY and CHEAP?  

This week it has been in the 50's-60's here in Upstate, NY and I have been able to get out with my boys for regular 40-minute brisk walks.    

After just four days, I feel my clothes getting baggy and loose!  What a great feeling.  Here are some other benefits to walking:

1) It reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke.
2) It is good for your mental health.
3) It lowers high blood pressure.
4) It helps control joint swelling and pain.
5) It boosts your mood.
6) It reduces stress and anxiety.
7) It helps decrease symptoms of depression.
8) It helps you feel more energetic.
9) It helps you lose weight.
10) It helps you sleep better.
11) It helps you stay regular.
12) It boosts your self esteem.
13) It is good for your brain and cognitive function.
14) It helps reduce the risk of breast and colon cancer.
15) It helps release those happy hormones.
16) It improves circulation.
17) It boosts your immune system.
18) It increases your desire for bedroom activity.
19) It could eventually get you off of some of your medications.
20) It helps your skin glow.

So get out and walk this month.  Spring is coming and who doesn't want to feel better be shedding that extra 10 pounds hanging onto you for dear life!  Tell those unwanted pounds goodbye as you stroll around your neighborhood!  Set a goal to walk 3-4 times a week for 30-40 minutes.  

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  1. I totally need to do a lot more walking!

  2. I totally need to do a lot more walking!

  3. Traci,
    good for you!! I lost weight doing this, too! My favorite extra benefit was the time to think -- I "wrote" quite a bit on my walks. I have a hard time "hearing God speak" and the pace and space of walking really helps. I miss it, as I have a bunch of metal in my leg (rods, plates, screws -- I'm home depot aisle 12) and can't take walks right now. So enjoy and keep going!

  4. Hi!

    Walking is the way I keep a healthy weight. I walk 30-40 mins four days a week with our dog. I lost 5 kg's and have kept it off by doing so. Good on you for getting out there!


  5. If walking is this good - just think about how wonderful running is!! I've got a race on Sunday, and I can't say enough about the benefits of exercise. I'm hooked :)

  6. Wow. I needed this encouragement. Why do I always put off walking! I always feel so much better when I'm through. Thanks.

  7. Traci Michelle! I can't tell you HOW this ministered to me. With the nicer weather coming on, I've been doing more walking, and the list here gives me even more incentive. Would you please consider sharing this post as a guest post at my blog in a few weeks? Will be in touch with you more soon. Thanks again - and congrats on dropping those pounds Girl!!!

  8. I love walking. I love the benefits that I can get without having to go to the gym.
    I wish the weather was more cohesive here to being able to get outside and walk more often.
    I love that I can also get some Jesus time in as well.


    Walk at home with Leslie Sansone Part one

    I love this when I can't get away from the house for the day or the weather is bad! It is super easy and it really works :*) There is also a part two.


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