Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Our Number One Ministry

Our number one ministry is within our own home.  Within those four walls, where only you and your family know of the angry voices in heated moments, harsh glances, and debilitating words.  Our homes are meant to be a safe place.  A place of refuge and security; yet so often we cut those we love down, we withhold grace, and are quick to hold grudges.

Are you spreading seeds of grace and mercy towards friends, church members, and your online community only to leave you home left wanting?  

God doesn't care about your growing blog, your women's ministries, or even the way you extend unconditional love to the needy world, if you aren't starting within your own home.  This is where it counts.  This is what shows you all about that sinful heart of yours.  {Mine}.

I'm reevaluating a lot lately.  I want to be more devoted to my family and the calling I have within my home.  You know, where you don't always get left "comments" and you don't always get a pat on the back for a job well done. 

How about you?  This really spoke to me.  Sarah Mae's resolution.  You should check it out.  Do you have some reevaluating to do in your home?  I do!  I want to look back and know I did everything I could to be ministering to my family.  I don't want to regret spending too much time online and missing the lives growing before me each day.

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  1. This is something I have been working on the last year. I think it is one of the reason God is moving our home. So I can have less stuff and less things to take care of and focus on the people within our home.

  2. Thank you for today's post, I needed yet another reminder of this very thing!

  3. Thank you for this..the Lord's been working on my heart regarding this very thing and you're right: my family is my NUMBER ONE ministry!

  4. Thank you for this..the Lord's been working on my heart regarding this very thing. You're right: my family is my number one ministry!


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